4 Things To Consider When Designing A New Office

Everyone knows that business growth is one of the most important goals for any business. It propels you to create innovative ideas and implement strategies to sustain your growth. To encourage development among staff, it would help to have a well-designed workspace.  

The mood of your workspace can affect you and your team members. A well-designed office can encourage collaboration, spark brainstorming sessions, and make you feel alive while working. In addition, it can boost the growth of your business by improving your team members’ well-being, productivity, and overall operational efficiency. 

Improving your office environment is an investment, not just for your business but also for your staff. A well-designed office and office fit out can have a significant impact on your way of thinking and problem-solving. You can also avoid unnecessary expenses involving accidents as well-designed office spaces also prioritise health and safety, especially post-pandemic.  

Before investing in a new office, it’s essential to consider how its design will affect the efficiency of your company. Alternatively, you could hire a reputable office interior design firm like Crest Interiors to help implement your vision for your new workspace. Furthermore, they can assist you with proper layout and design to suit your office needs better. 

Consider some of the following factors when designing your company’s new office space: 

  1. Health, Safety, And Security 

The first crucial aspect to consider when designing your new office space is the health, safety, and security of you and your staff. Doing so will help your team feel safe and secure when going to work. This will also help you avoid any unnecessary expenses involving accidents, paperwork, and an interruption in operations.  

You need to do a thorough evaluation of each area and see whether everything is up to code. For example, you might not even be aware of some specifics like the ADA bathroom partition requirements, but these are all things that need to be addressed when setting up your office.

Neglecting your staff’s well-being may result in absences due to illnesses. Consequently, this may affect your overall productivity and operational flow. Therefore, to improve the health and safety aspect of your workspace, you may designate certain areas for medical supplies. 

You may also ensure that the wiring and electrical plan won’t endanger your employees. Moreover, you can consider installing CCTV cameras to secure the staff and your business. 

  1. Lighting 

Lighting is one of the most crucial factors when designing your new office space. Not only does this affect the visibility and tone of your office space’s design, but it can also influence your employees’ mindset and perspective. 

For instance, the temperature of your lighting can affect the mood of your staff. Did you know that warm lighting can be calming while cool-toned lighting helps reduce fatigue and improve focus? To create the perfect atmosphere in your new office, consider installing adjustable LED lights.  

On the other hand, increasing the amount of natural light in the workplace has been shown to have positive effects on energy efficiency and the health and productivity of the staff. Furthermore, exposure to natural light can influence your body’s circadian rhythm favourably. Adding natural light also allows everyone to get some vitamin D and have an improved mood. 

  1. Privacy 

You won’t get anything done if you’re distracted by constant noises and the fear that your privacy is invaded. Thus, it’s best to consider how to protect your staff’s privacy to help them remain focused and productive. Also, it would help to discover which materials can help mitigate noise disruptions in the office.  

You may also consider balancing the number of open office spaces and stalls for your staff. This way, you’ll allow collaborations without interrupting others. In addition, you can assign space as your conference room designed with noise-absorbing walls to keep sounds from going in and out. 

  1. Colour 

The next factor to consider that can also impact your team members is colour. You may be aware of the certain tone and emotions that specific colours evoke. However, you’ll find that they can influence your mood when coming to work. Adding the right colours can also optimise productivity in the office.  

For instance, yellow is associated with creativity, while green instils stability. Consider learning about the influence of colour on a person’s psychology and consult with your designers on how you can implement this into your office design.  


There are plenty of ways you can improve your workspace environment. One way is to have a well-designed office that prioritises safety, incorporates natural light, provides privacy, and uses colours to bring life and energy.  

With the list above, you’re better informed on how to design your new office space to maximize its potential benefits. Consider applying what you’ve read to learn more about how to improve the design of your new office space.