4 Must-Have Office Design Features To Promote Staff Productivity

Staff productivity can be defined by the outputs produced in a specific period. However, staff productivity can also be affected by the office design. 

Moreover, in a survey conducted by Forbes, 87% of employees prefer a healthy workspace. Because of this, many businesses have incorporated office design features that can help boost team member productivity. Some of which are as follows that you may also want to consider:  

1. Ergonomic Desks And Chairs 

Sitting in the office all day can be painful. Adjusting, moving, and stretching your sitting position to stay focused can be difficult. Because of this, your staff may struggle to focus on their tasks because they’re uncomfortable and may even feel the pain caused by their chairs or desks. Some may even feel tired or lazy, affecting their overall productivity. Fortunately, this can be prevented by providing ergonomic desks and chairs in your office.   

You can have a peek at different online stores selling ergonomic desks and chairs to choose the right ones for your employees. Moreover, it may be best to use these tips when setting up an ergonomic working space:  

  • Consider adding leg risers if their table is too low. 
  • Make their chair comfortable by adding a seating pad or pillow. This can also help increase their height if the desk is too high. 
  • Help minimize lower back pain and pressure on the spine by getting chairs with a slightly reclined posture.  
  • Their chairs must also have a footrest, or their feet should be able to reach the floor.  
  • The top of your staff’s monitors should be at their eye level or below. They should also be at least 25″ away from their monitor screens.  

2. Break Rooms 

Productivity doesn’t mean continuously working for eight hours straight without breaks. While some can do this, others can’t. They may be able to finish their work, but the quality may not be that excellent. People need rest from time to time to ensure focus.  

With such, it may be best to have a room or space where your staff can take breaks. Dedicate a room where they can eat snacks, drink coffee, chat with colleagues, and go for a rest. It’s also best to incorporate design elements to help them relax since that should be the purpose of a break room. Moreover, you can make it more welcoming by adding cozy sofas, appealing decorations, or gameboards that they can enjoy. That way, they’d find it easier to disconnect and take a mental pause, which is essential to help them boost their productivity and focus.  

3. Proper Lighting 

Proper lighting is another essential feature when designing your office. Lighting impacts an individual’s physical, emotional, and mental health, so providing bright light to see may not be enough. Ensure that the lighting can help your staff improve focus and maintain a can-do, positive attitude. All of which can affect one’s efficiency and productivity in the workplace.  

You can choose lighting that can enhance mood, such as illuminated accent features. Add task-oriented lighting to improve visibility in working areas and bring together ambient fixtures that highlight large areas. With such, you can ensure that your office is evenly lit with artificial, low-energy, quality lighting.  

If your office has natural lighting, then maximize it. Natural lighting contains the perfect refraction, intensity, and spectrum that people appreciate. It may help make your team more productive and happier, so incorporating natural lighting should also be a priority if there’s natural light available.  

4. Right Colors 

Choosing the right colors for your brand is similar to the colors in your office. While branding colors can affect how buyers perceive your business, colors in your workplace may affect the emotion and behavior of your employees. Thus, you may want to check on the effect of colors on an individual’s psyche:  

  • Orange: Use it to highlight essential design elements of your office, as it can promote happiness and mental stimulation.  
  • Yellow: It can also help in promoting happiness and positivity. 
  • Red: You may want to use it on social areas or furnishings since this shade can be overpowering though it can raise mental energy flow. 
  • Blue: One of the most popular colors to bring out team member productivity, intellectual thought, and relaxation.  
  • Green: You may want to add this color as it may improve one’s creative performance since it’s connected with nature, growth, and balance.  
  • Black: Create a luxurious workspace by using it as a complementary accent. 
  • White: Best for open space or kitchen since it can be uninspiring but is associated with cleanliness.  


With these recommended office design features, you’d create a healthy working space for your staff. Instead of getting tired and losing focus on their work, your office design can help them become productive. Try them now and see a big difference in your staff!