What Exactly Does an SEO Agency Do?

SEO, the hot commodity of the marketing industry these days, is a hugely talked about topic but somehow still remains a mystery. A lot of people understand the importance of SEO services, but don’t really understand everything involved. So what exactly does an SEO agency do?

There is no one answer to this question, since an SEO agency actually does quite a lot and offers a variety of services. Generally speaking though, an SEO agency utilizes certain tactics to help a company rank higher on search engine results. And according to AMG, this increased ranking helps to generate relevant qualified leads and can also increase the average order value for your business. You can read up on each specific tactic offered by the best SEO agencies in the industry

Site Audit and Analysis

The term “audit” might draw up feelings of anxiety and fear since it is commonly tax-related and means that the IRS is out to get you. In the case of SEO, audits aren’t anything to be afraid of. When an agency audits a site, it just means that they are getting an in-depth picture into the site’s current state.

Audits involve a series of data analysis procedures in order to gather as much information on your company’s website as possible. Information is collected on things like overall traffic, where that traffic is originating from, user engagement, and conversion (or how many visitors to the website actually follow through with a purchase). Before any other actions can be done by the SEO agency, an audit is often necessary.

Keyword Research

When an internet user is in search of something, that person will type a few words into the search bar. The results are then generated based on those words and phrases. If your site doesn’t contain any of these keywords, chances are you won’t be ranked very high by the search engine. Your site will show up way lower on the results, possibly on a page that a potential customer never even makes it to.

An SEO agency can help! The pros have certain softwares available to them that help with determining the main keywords relating to your company. A huge list of keywords and phrases will be generated by these softwares, ranking them by importance. Then, an SEO agent will implement these keywords throughout your website, giving you the chance to rank higher.

Content Writing

Content, content, content. That’s literally all that the internet is; it’s just a bunch of content in different forms that can be found on different IP addresses. Since there is so much content out there – billions of web pages of it – your site content needs to stand out. First of all, it needs to be interesting to your target audience and provide some value.

Secondly, your content needs to be optimized with the keywords we just talked about. And third, your content needs to be well-written in a language that is easy to understand (both by readers and by Google). Google can differentiate the good content from the bad, and websites with the good stuff will receive a higher ranking.