The Many Benefits of Basement Waterproofing


Did you know that 98 percent of basements will experience some amount of flooding or water damage in the United States of America? No matter how safe you think your home’s basement is, you are still at risk of thousands of dollars in water damage if you don’t take the right steps. Basement waterproofing might sound superfluous, but it provides a number of benefits to your home.

Water damage is the least of your problems when you choose to pass on hiring basement waterproofing services. You’ll face problems with mold and bacteria building up in this part of your home and posing serious health issues.

The good news is that you’ve found the perfect guide to learning more about the many benefits of scheduling basement waterproofing near me. Keep reading this article to get the best basement protection today!

More Living Space

Getting basement waterproofing services is a great way to expand the living space in your home. If your home has a finished basement design then you can rest assured that your basement is safe from water damage. It doesn’t matter if you want a home gym, a gaming area, or an extra bedroom, basement waterproofing is the right step to take.

You need to schedule an appointment with a basement waterproofing company before you finish your basement. Taking this step will prevent the risk of mold growing and thriving in this extended living space. It’s much easier to relax in your basement when you’re not worried about illnesses related to mold.

Prevent Structural Damage

Another big benefit of getting basement waterproofing is the ability to prevent damage to your home’s structure. All it takes is one leaky basement window or a broken pipe to leave your basement flooded. That water will sit and soak into the structure of your home and cause damage in the process.

Many basements experience cracks in the foundation walls after flooding. You might not notice these issues during the early stages after a flooded basement.

If these structural issues aren’t fixed then you could face tens of thousands of dollars in repairs. It makes a lot more sense to have a look at getting your basement waterproofed.

Improves Health

No homeowner wants to run the risk of getting guests and family members sick when they visit. This is especially true if you have goals of turning your home’s basement into a guest bedroom area. The main reason that you should waterproof your basement is the fact that it will keep your household healthier.

Mold and mildew thrive in dark, wet places like basements. A flood in your basement will only help the mold continue to spread and make members of your household sick. Expect to spend a ton of money trying to keep your basement dry if you don’t pony up the money to hire a basement waterproofing company.

A good sign that you’re in need of basement waterproofing services is if you smell a musty odor in your home. This odor is a sure sign that mold is growing and thriving somewhere in your home. It’s a safe bet that mold has moved into your basement and set up shop.

If members of your household are suffering from recurring sinus infections then it’s a sign that you need to schedule basement waterproofing near me. You can put those headaches and sinus infections in the rearview mirror.

Peace of Mind

Flooded basements aren’t cheap to fix, especially if you haven’t hired the best basement waterproofing company to help. The damage that water causes to your home is severe, but you can rest easy at night knowing that your basement can handle it. Even if you already have flood insurance it is still a wise move to consider getting basement waterproofing.

Heavy rain is one of the main causes of a leaky or flooded basement. You don’t want to experience a panic attack each time it starts to rain outside. The best way to keep your anxiety levels and blood pressure low is to schedule a basement waterproofing session.

You can host guests and use your basement without worrying about embarrassing leaks. Your basement will become your favorite area of your home for entertaining guests and spending quality time with family members.

Higher Market Value

If you have plans of selling your home at some point in the future then it is a great investment to get basement waterproofing. Having a basement that is free of mold, mildew, and cracks in the foundation will make it much easier to sell your home at a top price when the time comes.

A basement that has had zero improvements over the past decade will get looked at with great apprehension and skepticism. On the other hand, potential buyers will view a home with basement protection as a great bargain. You will fetch a much better price if you get basement waterproofing as part of your basement design.

Lower Energy Bills

A waterproof basement is also a great way to lower your household’s energy bills each month. Basements tend to have a lot more humidity than other parts of the home. If members of your family are spending more time in the basement then you will pay more to keep that part of the home at a comfortable temperature.

Your home’s HVAC system will need to use more energy to manage the temperatures in that part of your home since the air is so damp. Getting basement waterproofing will fix this issue and cut down on the money that you’re paying for energy usage.

Schedule Your Basement Waterproofing Today

Now is the perfect time to look into getting basement waterproofing for your home’s basement. It will save you money on energy bills and it will provide a healthy environment that is free of mold and mildew. Most of all, it will give you peace of mind that your home’s structure and foundation are safe from flooding and severe weather.

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