Is Enclosed Auto Transport Worth It?

When moving to another state for a new job, home, or vacation, many people opt for enclosed auto transport, and for a good reason. While this mode of San Diego auto transport is costlier than open auto transport, it is worth it because you enjoy superior auto protection and safety and greater peace of mind. Enclosed auto transport is comparable to a first-class air ticket with numerous creature comforts for a smoother and stress-free journey. Read on to learn seven reasons why enclosed auto transport is an excellent choice for your vehicle.

Unbeaten Protection

As the name implies, enclosed auto transport ships vehicles in fully-enclosed trailers made from rigid materials like aluminum and fiberglass for maximum protection. The containers shield against adverse weather conditions, such as extreme heat and severe storms that can harm vehicles.

Also, enclosed auto transport protects against road hazards, including road debris and dust. It is not uncommon for flying debris to hit vehicles on open trailers and cause uninsured damage. With enclosed carriers, vehicles arrive dry, clean, and unaffected by inclement weather and road hazards.

More Privacy

Some vehicle owners opt for enclosed auto transport for privacy purposes. They want their vehicles ferried with few to no eyes on them. Closed carriers are good for transporting valuable cars or those used to ferry VIPs like heads of state and celebs. More privacy means more security since cars sit in enclosed trailers, decreasing the probability of theft and vandalism.

Greater Peace of Mind

Among the most significant benefits of enclosed shipping is offering peace of mind, and your vehicle arrives safely and promptly. It is an excellent option when shipping specialty vehicles such as classics, luxury, exotic, roofless, and race cars.

Since cars receive extra care and attention during loading, transit, and offloading, the chances of damage are reduced considerably. The last thing you want is to receive a phone call that road debris damaged your vintage hood ahead of a classic car show.

Special Equipment

Enclosed carriers have the equipment and tech features unavailable in open carriers for seamless transit. They come with hydraulic lifts to load and unload cars effortlessly and safely. These lifts benefit low-ground clearance vehicles, ensuring they get to their destination without dents and scraps in the underside.

The hydraulic lift serves as an elevator to the carrier platform instead of driving the vehicle on an angled loading ramp. In addition, enclosed carriers have extra clamps and ties to keep vehicles intact during transport.

Qualified Drivers

Since enclosed auto transport is a top choice for specialty vehicles, carriers invest in highly-qualified drivers. The drivers have extensive training and experience handling valuable and costly cars and drive cautiously to ensure vehicles get to their destination soundly. Reputable carriers keep their drivers updated on the latest trends and best practices of vehicle transportation for optimal outcomes.

White Glove Transportation

Enclosed auto transport is a niche and premium transportation service allowing tailored and ultra-personalized shipping experiences. Clients can use white glove transportation to meet unique shipping requirements, including meticulous cargo handling, enhanced delivery speed, flexible delivery timeframes, and real-time updates.

Also, enclosed auto transportation is flexible, and clients can ship multiple vehicles simultaneously. This is a perk for people wanting to transport many vehicles or businesses with large fleets. Enclosed carriers are also suitable for oversized vehicles that can’t fit in a flatbed trailer.

Enclosed auto transport is a top choice for people looking to ferry their vehicles safely and securely. It appeals to owners of specialty vehicles such as classics, sports cars, and high-end automobiles due to superior protection from outdoor elements, privacy, and white glove transportation. Since enclosed trailers offer peace of mind, they are increasingly becoming mainstream for custom and regular vehicles.