How to Bet on Sports Online


The global sports betting market is expected to be worth around $129.3 billion by 2028. Perhaps this is unsurprising when you consider how much fun it can be to place a wager while watching your favorite sports players and teams.

But if you haven’t done it before, you may be wondering how to bet on sports online. As you’ll be risking your hard-earned money, the last thing you want is to lose it to the bookmaker by making silly errors. 

While there is no such thing as a guaranteed way to win, there are several ways you can enhance your online sports betting experience and increase your chances of making some extra cash.

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Choose Your Sports Betting Site Carefully

There are plenty of online bookmakers vying for your business. You’ll see lots of promotional offers to tempt you to sign up, and the sites may have a glamorous appearance to keep you on their pages. 

But, not every online betting site is reputable. Before providing any details such as your name or credit card number, it’s vital to make sure a website is legitimate. Look for a betting company that has been trading for many years, has plenty of positive customer reviews, and has the necessary license or authorization. 

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Learn About Odds

Betting odds represent the likelihood of an outcome and are chosen by the bookmaker. Odds also tell you how much you stand to win if you place a wager on a particular result occurring. 

Sometimes the odds can look very attractive and give you the chance to make a lot of cash in return for a modest bet. However, remember that the bookmaker is trying to make money, so you may want to think twice before betting on a long shot.

When you can evaluate the odds, you can decide if you should place a bet on a particular event or wait for the next opportunity. 

Understand the Different Types of Bets

You have a wide range of bets to choose from when gambling on sports online, and it’s important to understand the rules of each type of wager.

For example, moneyline betting involves betting on one side to win a contest, and this is probably the simplest form of sports gambling. A more complex bet would be an over/under wager. This usually involves the bookmaker setting a number, and you have to decide if the combined score of the two teams will be over or under that total. 

If you choose a bet where you don’t fully appreciate how to play, this could be a fast way to lose money.

Start With a Sensible Bankroll

When you sign up with a sports betting company, you can deposit funds into your gambling account. There is no need to put in a large amount of cash as you can always top it up later. However, it can help to have an idea of how much you are willing to spend over a certain amount of time.

You should be prepared to lose money on some bets, but if you gamble sensibly over a longer period, you could win this back. By having a reasonable bankroll, you’ll be able to continue placing wagers even if you suffer one or two setbacks. 

Bet With a Clear Head

One of the most important online sports betting tips is to bet with a clear head. If you are consuming alcohol while watching sports with friends, it can be easy to take out your phone and place a wager. While this is fine if you are still sober, you could end up making bad bets that have little chance of winning if you’re under the influence of alcohol. 

In addition, it’s important to bet with your head rather than your heart. Although you may want your favorite team to win, this doesn’t mean you should gamble that they will. If your brain is telling you that you’ll probably lose your money, it may be better to just watch the game without risking your bankroll.

Don’t Chase Your Losses

Online sports betting makes it easy to place a wager in only a few seconds on an app or website. But, this could be a problem if you are losing and trying to recover your losses. Even if you have gambling tips from people who are winning more than they are losing, it’s important to know when to take a break. 

Stepping away from your phone, tablet, or computer can give you time to take stock and think about how much money you have lost. You can then decide if you are more likely to win it back by immediately going back to gambling, or if it would be better to take a long-term approach and wait a while before placing another bet. 

Now You Know How to Bet on Sports Online

Knowing how to bet on sports online can help you beat the bookie and make cash while having fun watching the game. Pay close attention to the odds before gambling, and make sure you understand the type of bet you’re placing. It can also help to only bet when you are thinking logically, and to avoid trying to win back your losses too quickly.

You could soon be enjoying placing bets online and making extra cash in your spare time!

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