Things To Give Up To Gain Success


The meaning of success varies according to someone’s perspective: like beauty, it exists in the mind of the beholder.  It is up to you to figure out what success means to you, and what steps you need to take to breed success in your life.

It’s sometimes necessary to give up some things if you want to be successful and become the person you can be. So, in this article, we will tell you 7 things that you should give up if you want to be successful.

1. Making excuses

You can’t keep blaming other people for the things you don’t get. Admit your mistakes and stop blaming others. Your choices and mistakes are your own. Avoid justifying your poor choices and putting the blame for your lack of success on things beyond your control. That’s what successful people don’t do.

Errors are bound to occur. Failure is inevitable. When this happens, look within and figure out how you can do better next time in a non-judgmental way. Make sure you don’t waste time blaming external forces for your lack of success.

Also, don’t try to make excuses for delaying your work. Suppose, you have to submit an assignment by the end of the day but due to your laziness, you are not in the mood to complete it on time. Now, you are thinking about excuses that you are going to give to your boss for your failure. Stop this habit ASAP!

2. Impulsive emotional decisions

People may be able to throw decades of financial planning out of the window when they are affected by their feelings in the world of finance. Stressful workplaces are no exception.

Successful people let themselves ride out their anger, sadness, and frustration without acting on those emotions, even when they are extremely angry, sad, or frustrated. By simply waiting to make a decision until you have regained your sense of perspective, you will significantly increase your chances of success.

3. Focusing on the negatives

Yes, there are some negative situations in life over which you have no control. You also have many positive experiences throughout your life. Chances are you have more positives than negatives in your life. A positive outlook is within your grasp. You need to focus on all the good things in your life if you want success in your life. The negative shouldn’t be ignored, but you don’t have to pay so much attention to it.

If you are so concerned about the unfavorable conditions of your life, you will never be satisfied. It doesn’t matter how successful you appear to be, if you continue to focus on the negatives, you will never be able to fully enjoy your accomplishments.

4. Being a control freak

It is finite how long we can focus and how strong our willpower is. Consequently, if your aim is to micromanage every aspect of your life, as many motivated people do, then you will end up being unable to pay attention to the important things.

Having this mindset doesn’t excuse sloppy work, but you must put your attention on things you can control. As an example, if you’re learning a new skill and leaving your comfort zone, accept that you’ll make mistakes. The ability to stay flexible in the face of adversity is a virtue you must practice if you want to make a difference.

5. Looking for the easy way

The road to success doesn’t have to be an improbable adventure where you have to overcome hardship and adversity. People who are successful do not look for an easy path.

The blueprint for success does not consist of simply cruising through life at a leisurely pace. One must sometimes confront challenges in life. For example, various glass bottle manufacturing companies in China have a success story of more than 35 years. Strive to go beyond your limitations. Find your maximum potential, then achieve it. That’s a success by itself.

6. Being ungrateful

By being more grateful in your life, you will establish more happiness in your life. Being ungrateful will push happiness, joy, and bliss away from you. Gratitude breeds both happiness and success. It will be easier for you to attain wealth and reach your goals if you are grateful for your life and everything that makes it up.

There is more to wealth than financial wealth since wealth can include many kinds of valuables. No one is suggesting that all wealthy and successful people are grateful, or that all financially poor and unsuccessful people are ungrateful. Gaining success in life is not contingent on being ungrateful. To achieve success, you must be grateful for the things you have. A grateful heart is a compass that guides your life. Through it, you can make the best decisions and attain success.

7. Frivolous spending

Interestingly, consumers who make over $100,000 a year shop at mainstream stores like Target and Walmart and do not own luxury cars.

As a result, they recognize that investing, in the long run, can be more beneficial than spending on frivolous items. The one thing that virtually all millionaires and billionaires have in common is that they have an investment account.

When it comes to preventing overspending, the 20-30-50 Plan is a great option. Out of your paycheck, put 20% into investments (or debt repayment), 30% on fun, and the remainder on necessities (such as rent).

Exponentially increasing your likelihood of success begins with getting rid of the dead weight in your life and letting go of unnecessary things.


There is no single definition of success, and there’s no single way to succeed in life. Nevertheless, you can learn many tactics and strategies that you can incorporate into your everyday life by studying successful people’s habits.

If you can develop and nurture these abilities, you might find that as time goes by you are more capable of reaching your goals and achieving success in life. So, stop wasting your time on useless things.Treat yourself with a healthy candy every time if you give up even a single habit mentioned above.