The Role of an Identity Theft Lawyer in Resolving Credit Fraud

credit fraud

If you are a victim of identity theft, contact your banks and credit card companies. Inform them of the robbery and ask that they close accounts, initiate fraud alerts and place a credit freeze.

A lawyer can help you resolve the mess that a thief leaves behind. A lawyer’s experience dealing with legal and financial entities will make the process go more smoothly.

Recovering Your Money

When people think of identity theft, they imagine a criminal taking their personal information and using it to obtain credit cards or loans. While this identity theft can seriously impact your credit report, it is not the only way criminals can use your identity.

A knowledgeable identity theft attorney can help you recover from credit fraud resulting from the following. You can contact specialized lawyers who can help you if you visit our website. They can contact the entities that committed the fraud, such as debt collection agencies and credit issuers. This may include asking for the account application, affidavit or other documentation necessary to dispute the charges and accounts.

An identity theft lawyer can also help you take steps to prevent future credit fraud. This may include placing fraud alerts and a credit freeze with the credit bureaus so potential creditors cannot see your reports. This can reduce your stress level as you deal with the aftermath of the crime.

Removing False Information from Your Credit Reports

Identity theft can leave victims with empty bank accounts, unauthorized credit card charges and even bad debts that appear on their credit reports. Blankingship & Christiano can help you get these problems solved.

We use laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act to remove fraudulent information from your credit report. We can also place a freeze on your credit report (also known as a security freeze), making it more difficult for a thief to open new accounts in your name.

We can also contact creditors and debt collectors who have contacted you regarding accounts that were opened using your data to ask them to close the account, cease reporting to the credit bureaus and refrain from getting you in any other manner.

We can provide them with a copy of your police or identity theft report to help verify that the accounts are fraudulent. We can also help you write a dispute letter asking that the fraudulent charges be removed from your report.

Stopping the Thief from Opening New Accounts

Identity thieves often make credit applications with banks or other financial institutions. They may utilize data such as your mother’s maiden name, birth date, or the last four digits of your social security number (SSN).

Without your knowledge, the thieves might open credit cards in your name, rack up debt on them, or even take out loans. Your credit score may be lowered, and obtaining the necessary loans may be more difficult if these fraudulent accounts are found on your credit report.

By appropriately contesting these erroneous accounts and bills with the national credit reporting agencies, an identity theft attorney can assist you in preventing them from being added to your credit report.

On your credit reports, they can also put a fraud warning or security freeze to stop businesses from creating new accounts in your name. They can also stop debt collection agencies from contacting you directly, shielding you from additional stress. They can also represent you in court if your case requires legal action.

Taking Legal Action

Identity theft is a serious crime; the victims are often left alone to deal with the consequences. They are chased by creditors, tasked with clearing their credit reports and struggling to get the services they need to reclaim their financial health.

An identity theft lawyer can support victims and ensure they are treated fairly by all entities involved. This could include contacting creditors with an identity theft affidavit, liaising directly with credit bureaus and launching legal action against the thieves where appropriate.

An experienced identity theft lawyer can review your situation and determine what legal options make sense for you. They can take legal action against creditors and credit bureaus who fail to cooperate with the victim or when negligence is a factor. They can also help you recover any money that has been stolen and clear your record. Their skills will allow you to move on and avoid further financial complications.