The Financial Benefits of Investing in Commercial Real Estate

Do you want to diversify your investment portfolio and minimize investment risks? Here are the financial benefits of investing in commercial real estate.

Global real estate is a truly colossal industry, with the sector generating revenues of over $4.24 trillion in 2020 alone. Annual revenues will only keep growing in the future, with demand for real estate space on the increase.

Because of its enduring prosperity, real estate is highly attractive to both new and seasoned investors. About 35% of the US population says real estate is their most preferred long-term investment. Few other sectors have the same reputation of churning millionaires by the bucketfuls.

If you’re among investors interested in real estate, you may want to consider commercial real estate. The sector is worth $1 trillion in the US, and it’s quickly becoming the preferred destination for American investors.

But what makes investing in the commercial real estate market such a sound financial decision? Read on to find out.

Commercial Real Estate Has High Income Potential

One of the top financial benefits of investing in commercial real estate is that it has a much higher income potential compared to residential property. Generally, commercial spaces have higher rents and price tags. If you choose the right property, you have the potential to earn thousands or tens of thousands on rent, which is much higher than comparable rental properties.

If you require assistance with financing, there are various options open to investors. When looking at commercial mortgage rates available from lenders, rates vary from 4.25% and go all the way up to 30%, depending on the risk associated with your venture. 

The larger profit margins associated with commercial properties can help you grow your investment portfolio fast. 

There’s Less Competition

Competition in residential real estate can be cutthroat. The current housing shortage has made things even worse, with the price of residential property at an all-time high. That means anyone looking to invest in residential property to rent it out must pay through the nose to acquire the property.  

In the commercial real estate sector, things are flowing in the opposite direction at the moment. In the third quarter of 2020, the dollar volume of US commercial real estate declined by 57%. That means finding commercial property right now is much easier compared to finding residential real estate.

There Are Many Tax Benefits

Commercial real estate attracted certain tax benefits. For instance, there’s depreciation, which allows commercial property owners to deduct a percentage of the property’s value from their taxable income every year. As a result, your tax burden reduces.

As the owner of a commercial property, you also get to avoid capital gains taxes once you sell the property. Note that there are nuances that apply here, so be sure to talk to your tax advisor to understand everything clearly.

The Investment Opportunities Are Endless

Another reason people love to invest in real estate is that you have numerous options in which to invest. For instance, you can decide to build a full-scale mall or opt for high-rise office properties. And with the help of fast bridging finance brokers, you can get the financing you need without waiting too long.

Another increasingly popular option for commercial property is steel buildings, which are ideal for industrial and agricultural applications. These buildings are incredibly affordable and highly durable, making them such smart investments. Learn more about these buildings on this website.

Depending on location and how much capital you have, there’s always a suitable commercial establishment you can invest in. It’s the perfect opportunity for portfolio diversification. If you don’t know where to start with these investments you should look for a commercial broker to help you make sound investment decisions.

The Turnover Is Much Less

Lease agreements are much shorter in residential real estate. Most last a year or less. As a result, there’s a much higher tenant turnover with residential property.

Things are much different with commercial real estate. In most cases, lease agreements last from three years onwards. As a result, there’s much less turnover, which also means you don’t need to worry about the cost and hassle that comes with tenant turnover.

With tenants staying much longer in your commercial property, it means that cash flow is much more stable.

You Get More Help in Property Maintenance and Improvement

Most commercial properties come with triple net leases. With such a lease, most of the property-related expenses are the responsibility of the tenant. This includes such things as insurance, taxes, maintenance, and utilities. That said, you may have to contact a professional for specific type of maintenance, like a commercial gutter cleaning company to clean up the gutter of your building.

Moreover, commercial tenants are generally more motivated to keep the property in tip-top shape as part of maintaining a great image to their customers. Many of these tenants will even make some upgrades to the property to attract their clients. All of these things improve your property’s value over time without costing you money. 

Tenants Are More Professional

In the residential world, chances of running into problematic tenants who give you problems when it comes to paying rent on time are high. Some tenants will even leave your property in shambles after their lease expires. You may also find that you’re always having to deal with tenant complaints and renter disputes.

Things are different with commercial real estate, where you’re dealing with business people. These tenants tend to be much more professional. They have a reputation to protect and money on the line, which makes them a lot more careful when it comes to dealing with landlords and sticking to the rules.

The financial costs of dealing with a highly professional tenant are much less than when you have a difficult client. You never have to worry about hiring eviction specialists or spending money on frequent repairs after the damage done to your property by the tenant.

Commercial Real Estate Is the Ideal Investment Opportunity

For investors looking for a place to put their money, commercial real estate can be an excellent choice. Few investment opportunities have more financial benefits, giving you the opportunity to create wealth within a relatively short time.

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