Reasons To Install A Whole-Home Generator


In many parts of the nation, the local power grid can be unreliable. During heavy use caused by extreme heat or freezing your power going out is almost a guarantee depending on where you live. This type of unreliability isn’t something you just have to live with. By having a whole-home generator installation you can be prepared no matter what happens. If you have and to deal with power outages in the past you may already own a portable gas-powered generator.

While these generators can be useful in an emergency they do not offer the full range of support a whole-house generator offers. While a gas-powered generator is typically used to power essentials a whole-home generator can be used to power your entire home. Here are some of the benefits a whole-home generator offers you as a homeowner.

Benefits of A Whole-Home Generator

  • Safer To Use: portable generators produce fumes and smoke that can be dangerous as without proper ventilation these generators can create carbon monoxide buildup. A whole-house generator does not produce these dangerous gases making them safer. This helps keep your home’s environment safe and also protects you and your family’s health.
  • Prevent Blackouts: when your power goes out the loss of lighting can be a far more significant danger than you may think. Without lighting, it’s easy to bump into furniture or trip over things. While this sounds mundane you can hurt yourself not being able to see what’s around you. With a generator, you don’t have to worry about losing light.
  • More Efficient: a whole-house generator is connected to a gas line meaning you can run it for an extended period. Portable gas generators have a limited use timeframe before they need refueling with gas, a whole-house generator does not have this refueling need. With a portable gas generator, there is also only so much power they can provide energy to the essentials, but they can’t power your home like a whole-home generator can. Plus a whole-house generator powers vital systems such as basement pumps and your alarm systems.
  • Convenient: a whole-house generator is an automatic system meaning when your power goes out the generator turns on keeping your home properly powered. This keeps your AC, water heater, refrigerator, washing machine, freezer, and other important appliances fully powered. This keeps your home fully functional and prevents issues such as no hot water or food spoilage.
  • Can Save You Money: a key problem with power outages are the associated damage they can cause. Without a backup power supply, you can easily lose an entire house’s worth of food or have damage to your plumbing due to the cold. If power outages are a common issue where you live the loss a whole-home generator can prevent make it well worth the investment.
  • Peace of Mind: when your power goes out you want it restored as soon as possible. With a whole-house generator, all you have to do is flip a switch to turn your power back on. This ensures your home is safe, comfortable, and you have access to all the appliances and features of your home.

Final Thoughts

Power outages are often unpredictable and depending on how reliable your local power grid is an outage can last several days. Sadly many parts of the power grid cannot take the strain of an emergency and can be very sensitive to bad weather conditions. By giving a whole-home generator you don’t have to worry about responding to power outages you already have a solution on hand that you can activate easily or set to automatically turn on when you need it.