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Quick Meal Ideas For Infants

Quick Meal Ideas For Infants

Coming up with meal ideas for infants can be a huge challenge for any parents all over the world. Not only, you will have to come up with something healthy and tasty, you will also have to come up with some varieties every day. Not to mention calculating all the time it takes to create every single meal every day. At some point, the efficiency and effectiveness of a meal can be a life-saver.

Therefore, quick meal ideas have become something very valuable for parents. These quick meals can be both healthy and efficient at the same time. One of the best quick meal ideas I have ever seen is this pea pasta recipe for babies. Additionally, here are some more great quick meal ideas for infants.

Breakfast ideas for infants

For breakfast, you want something that is easy to eat and smells good. Unsweetened porridge or lower-sugar cereal mixed with whole milk can be what you are looking for. Now add fruit on top of that if you have some – banana or pear would be great here. Unsweetened apple or yogurt can be a great alternative, served with lower-sugar breakfast cereal. If you want to serve egg, you can go with toast fingers with a hard-boiled egg. Add thin slices of tomato and fruit to make it complete.

Lunch ideas for infants

For lunch, you can use heavier meals, such as cauliflower cheese, baked beans, scrambled egg with toast, cottage cheese dip with carrot sticks and pitta bread, and lamb curry with rice. You can always add some fruit to top these meals off. More vegetables like carrots and cucumbers are also a great idea.

Dinner ideas for infants

For dinner, you have plenty of options. Some of the best and quickest ones are mashed canned salmon with peas, minced chicken and vegetable casserole, mashed sweet potato with chickpeas, and rice and mashed peas. Overall, you have a lot more possibilities for a quick meal during dinner. These dinner ideas are filling and nutritious but still quick and easy.

Finger foods for infants

I mentioned finger foods a few times here. If you didn’t know already, finger food is good that has been cut up into small pieces, small enough for your child to hold in their hand with a bit of it sticking out. You can use your finger to measure finger food.

Some of the best finger foods I know are:

  • Carrot or cucumber sticks with avocado dip.
  • Toast, pitta fingers.
  • Omelet fingers.
  • Unsalted and unsweetened corn cakes.
  • Fresh fruits.

As you can see you can pretty much make finger food from all kinds of ingredients. Of course, you can come up with your own favorite ingredients that you think are the best and easiest to cook with. Fruits and vegetables are also two of the best ingredients that many people love. They are healthy, affordable, and quick to work with. It is also arguably beneficial to introduce your child to various fruits and vegetables.

Healthy snacks for infants

Sometimes, you want to give your child some snacks instead. But keep in mind that babies under the age of 12 months do not need snacks. Once they turn one year old, however, you can give them snacks between meals.

Some ideas for quick and healthy snacks are:

  • Slices of fruit, such as banana, peach, pear, and apple.
  • Vegetables, such as carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, and broccoli florets.
  • Small strips of cheese.
  • Unsweetened and unsweetened corn cakes.

Again, fruits and vegetables are the two best ingredients to go with. If you can make your child get used to them, you will have a much easier time introducing new quick meals or snacks in the future.

Scrambled eggs

An honorable mention for scrambled eggs, which I have mentioned above. Scrambled eggs are easy to prepare and eat. They are also rich in healthy fats and protein. If you can master cooking scrambled eggs, you can make the best scrambled eggs that are tasty and healthy in 60 seconds. You can pretty much mix scrambled eggs in many other quick meals as well.


These quick meal ideas are designed for parents who want the best for their children but want to be efficient with their time. Feel free to modify the quick meal ideas with some ingredients that you have. Or perhaps, you can use specific ingredients that your child loves.

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