Kitchen Prep Guide: 6 Ways to Prepare Your Kitchen for Summer Meals

The changing season calls for a change in the kitchen. What kitchen prep tips should you follow to get ready for summer cooking? Find out here.

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning, but do you know how to prepare for the coming months of summer? Planning ahead and getting your kitchen prep sorted can give you peace of mind and a better way to spend the summer. Instead of rushing around cleaning last minute, get these steps out of the way so you can sit back and enjoy the sun.

1. Start an Herb Garden

A great way to freshen up your kitchen and your recipes is to start an herb garden at home. You can start one in your backyard or in a windowsill. Choose your favorite herbs, fruits, and veggies that can grow in your climate and watch them grow. This can be a fun family activity and save you money down the line.

2. Dust-Off Summer Appliances

Can’t remember where you even stored the blender or ice cream maker? Getting these appliances ready for use earlier can help your kitchen be ready for summer.

If you get those summer appliances ready in advance you will be able to quickly use them without having to hunt around first. And having them located in a more convenient spot may even inspire you to cook more summer-friendly foods.

3. Start Fresh

Spring cleaning doesn’t just mean going through your garage. This is a great opportunity to clean out the leftovers hiding in the back of the fridge and all the boxes or expired foods living in your pantry. Make room for all the great seasonal fruits and vegetables and healthy snacks for the summer by cleaning house in the kitchen.

4. Never Too Much Ice

Don’t get caught without ice this summer. Buy a few extra trays or even a storage bin to keep in your freezer. Anytime you remember you can unload a tray into it and refill so when it comes time for a cool drink, you won’t sweat it.

5. Ready to Grill

When someone says summer cooking it’s hard not to immediately think of grilling. As the days get warmer and brighter, you can get a jump on the season by bringing out and cleaning the grill. It’s a task that you’ll be happy you didn’t put off until the perfect day for a bbq and you’re trying to entertain and clean at the same time.

6. Spring Cleaning

When you are done cleaning out your pantry and feel all set to start summer, it’s not a bad idea to do a quick deep clean of all kitchen surfaces. Clean off that stovetop and wipe down the counters. Kitchen cleaning is a necessity throughout a season, but the start of a new one is a good place to begin.

And a new season could also provide you with the perfect time to remodel or reimagine your cooking space. You can view lots of options that might reinvigorate your kitchen, and work with a company that can help bring new life into your home. 

Summer Kitchen Prep Ready

These easy kitchen prep ideas will help you feel ready to jump into the season feet first. Start looking forward to summer and find some new recipes to try out with those summer appliances you just pulled out. 

Don’t stress about coming into the season unprepared. With these tips, your summer cooking will have you keeping cool no matter the heat. And if you found these helpful, check us out for more!