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Lil Pump’s Net Worth + Personal Life

Gazzy Garcia, more famously known as ‘Lil Pump,’ is an American rapper. Forbes reported that his net worth is an astonishing $8 million. Lil Pump was born on August 17th, 2000. He has amassed a high net worth at the young age of 19. How Lil Pump Built His Net Worth Lil Pump was always […]

Nipsey Hussle’s Net Worth and Life before Death

Nipsey Hussle’s sudden death shook the rap world. Hussle was shot fatally at the young age of 33. His net worth was $8 million at the time of his death.  Hussle was an American rapper, activist, and entrepreneur. He had been dating his girlfriend, Lauren London, for 6 years at the time of his death. […]