8 Front Yard Landscaping Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Giving your front yard the right design requires knowing what can hinder your progress. Here are front yard landscaping mistakes and how to avoid them.

As spring approacAs spring approaches, homeowners are thinking about ways to spruce up their front lawns and create a landscaping project budget, or perhaps deciding to splash out on a landscaping service such as that Milestone Dubai offers.

Before getting too deep in the planning process, take a step outside and look at your yard. Do you see any front yard landscaping mistakes from last year?

Don’t repeat past mistakes. Check out these eight mistakes to avoid when it comes to maintaining your landscape.

1. Overstuffing Flowerbeds Top Front Yard Landscaping Mistakes

We often see large flower beds in a spectrum of colors surrounding a large tree or flag pole. Front yard landscaping mistakes include overdoing it with the flowers.

Big box home improvement stores can offer great deals on annuals and perennials. The buyer is looking at the flowers in their current state and forgetting they will expand in a short amount of time. Eventually, the flowers fight for space. 

Make sure you’re planting flowers far enough apart that overcrowding doesn’t occur and your plants have a longer lifespan. Check this out if you’re looking for residential flagpoles for sale.

2. Not Reading the Care Card Before Buying Plants

There are two types of plants-annuals and perennials. The distinction, as well as care instructions, are usually attached to the flower’s plant tags. Annuals last for a season, and perennials can last for many years.

Another addition to the landscape is shrubs. Shrubbery are plants such as hibiscus and jasmine varieties. They make beautiful backdrops to your annuals and perennials.

Front yard landscaping mistakes when planting any of these plant varieties are ignoring height size. Without a residential landscaping service, your plants can grow to unmanageable sizes. This can lead to windows being blocked or plants providing a home for a list of pesky bugs and insects.

3. Forgetting to Mulch Periodically

When your residential landscaping service spruces up your lawn with new flowers and trims existing plants, the lawn looks amazing. The service often calls for new mulch to get laid.

Over time mulch fades if it’s getting direct sunlight. Also, grass and weeds can begin to grow through the mulch. When it does, it’s a royal pain.

This is a sign of landscaping that is not well maintained.

It would be best if you had your landscape company replace the mulch at least two to three times a year. At the same time, they can treat the bed for weed and grass control. The additional services come at an extra cost but are worth the investment. 

4. Neglecting the Health of Trees

Shade trees offer comfort in the hot summer months and add value to your property. We expect trees to last for a lifetime, but they too have a life expectancy timetable. It’s crucial to the health of your lawn to have trees checked for health and stability.

A dying tree shows signs of decay that homeowners don’t always pay attention to as the years come and go. A tree can also be experiencing damage due to termite and ant infestations. Overgrown roots are another issue that can impact your lawn and sewage lines.

Landscape designers in Gresham, Oregon, or anywhere else, have the proper landscaping project equipment to trim trees from your roof and power lines. Residential landscape service providers can also help with root management.

If you believe your tree is dying, don’t ignore it. Contact your city to see if they offer arborist services.

5. Poor Plant to House Ratio

Have you ever passed by a small home that was overshadowed by front yard features? A flowerbed has huge rocks or an outdated water feature. Or, you see a large home on a big piece of property with flowers six feet apart.

Front yard landscaping mistakes like these show a lack of balance in terms of the landscape feature’s proximity to the home.

Your landscaping is supposed to add beauty to the property, not become a distraction. When you’re not sure how to place or space your landscaping features. Consult with a professional landscaping service. 

6. Annoying Grime and Mold to Build on Stone Borders and Pavers

Stone borders and pavers are popular fixtures in many landscape designs. Grime and mold on stones are a result of too much moisture. Over time they can become discolored by the sun or chemicals in your local water system.

Keeping your front yard features looking new improves your lawn’s curb appeal. Add a power washer and stone cleaner to your landscaping project budget. 

7. Taking Lawn Maintenance into Hibernation

As the season’s change and plants go into hibernation, homeowners see it as a time to take a break from landscaping duties. Don’t get caught making this front yard landscaping mistake. Barring snow on the brown, continue your residential landscaping service.

When your lawn is maintained year-round, it thrives, and plants live longer. Following winter, your home is renewed with the first blooms of the year. 

You’ll also avoid having to clear overgrown grass and annoying weeds from front yard fixtures and flower beds.

8. Going Without Decorative Light Fixtures

Next to stones and flag poles, front yard lighting is the best way to spotlight your landscaping. People can see how colorful your lawn is during the day. Give them a nighttime show by installing outdoor lights.

Many landscape lighting fixtures are solar-powered, so they don’t increase your utility bill. They are also perfect for lining walkways. Strategically place them on the edge of flower beds, the base of trees, and between boulders.

It’s All About the Curb Appeal

Front yard landscaping mistakes are easily avoidable with these great tips. Don’t delay. Start planning today…it will be spring before you know it.

We hope you found this article helpful in giving your front lawn some curb appeal. For more great tips, check out our real estate & home section for more trending topics.