Planning to Organize Your Work Van? Read This First!

It is always a great idea to organize your work vans before operating them. Do you know how common it is for workers to lose precious hours because they have to deal with a messy van? If you care about work efficiency that will ultimately increase your profits, then you should always organize your work vans.

You will no longer have to deal with vans carrying too much weight or workers not knowing if they have what they need in the van. Fortunately, I can help you avoid these problems by giving you these useful tips when organizing your work van.

Organize for convenience

Convenience is something that many people underestimate. However, convenience is key to increasing efficiency at work. Remember this when you are organizing your work van. Don’t just put items according to where they can fit, but also consider how often you are going to need them. Important items should be put somewhere you can grab them easily.

Use some modifications

Aftermarket modifications can be what you need to increase productivity. Modifications like the sliding tray and racks could be some of the many other things that can help you stay organized. Some other popular aftermarket modifications are adding extra storage and tool hooks. These modifications can give you a lot more space and convenience. Before deciding, read what Motorpoint has to say about work van storage ideas from around the world.

Fresh start

The best way to truly organize your work van is by starting from the beginning. To start fresh, simply clear out your van, then slowly put everything back in with convenience in mind. Always remember to first put heavy items on the floor for easy access. Then, put lighter items on top or above heavier items. When organizing, don’t just think about convenience, be mindful of safety too.

Use all the space you have

You’d be surprised how much stuff you can fit into your work van if you organize everything thoughtfully. Chances are that your work van can fit everything you need and then some. Work vans often have shelves and storage mounted on the walls. This means you have some unused space in the middle. So next time you think your work van is full, think about this empty space and how to best utilize it.

The cargo area is usually always full at a glance, but once you take a deeper look, you might find plenty of space that is still usable. This is why aftermarket modifications can be useful. Try getting something like a sliding cargo area tray or an industrial truck sliding trunk tray. These two modifications can maximize your work van’s carrying capacity.

Always Remember Safety

Having everything you need in your work van organized neatly is convenient. While doing so, always keep safety in mind as well. At a basic level it means putting the heavy equipment on the floor and progressively getting lighter as you place items higher up. 

To make your work van as safe as possible, also be aware of sharp objects, never having anything that could cut or cause a puncture wound facing out, have them facing towards the walls of the work van. This way when you go to reach something you need, you’ll always grab the handle safely.

These are the top tips to maximize your work van’s carrying capacity and convenience. Always try to remember these tips whenever you feel the need to organize your vans.