How to Prepare Your Land Before Selling

Expert-Approved Tips for Selling Land

It’s time that you’ve decided to part with your piece of land. Often, sellers put less or no effort into preparing the plot of land before disposing of it to the buyers. The main aim of the preparatory land phase is to improve the first impression  for the buyer of the proposed piece of land. You want the buyer to like what they see. Therefore, prepare your plot in the following ways before selling.

Clear the Land

Here, think about the land aesthetics. No buyer would like to buy land full of overgrown grass, bushes, or even trees. Hence, it’s advisable to trim lush grass, clear the bushes, and cut the excess trees on the land you’re selling. Clear land makes it easy for the buyer to see what he is buying, the topography, and the slope of the land. In addition, the buyers move quickly from one point to the other.

Put a Marketing Sign

Turn your land into cash with minimal hassle. You don’t have to pay thousands on local television to advertise that you’re disposing of your land. All you need to do is strategically fix a sign to communicate with potential buyers about your intentions. Ensure the post speaks loudly with a few words and is visible from afar. On the poster, indicate the exact acreage, prices, contacts, and other relevant information.

Make Clear Boundaries After Survey

Land buying is a lifetime investment, so no one is willing to part with their hard-earned money for what they aren’t sure of. A land survey will help you make the boundaries and get the exact acreage you’re selling. Put visible edges that the buyers can see from where they’re standing after the land survey. Borders go a long way to reducing buyer disputes after land buying if you’re selling several adjacent plots.

Make Entrance and Walking Paths

A new gate is one way to attract buyers as you think about how to sell land by owner and its pros. You understand your land more than anyone else, so it’ll be easy for you to apportion it. The buyers will have to explore your land fully, no matter how big it is. Therefore, if they walk or drive to various stops, make prior walking paths and driveways to ease movement and save time.

Collect Garbage on Your Land

Seeing litter here and there on the land is a total turn-off for the buyer. It sounds petty, but the impact of garbage collection has a more positive effect than you may think. Days before the site visit, collect the garbage that the wind may have blown after the last litter collection. If the land is extensive, you can assign a person or two to do the work at a fee.

Assign a Mowed Parking Space

You or your buyer may drive to the site, so you’ll need a customized parking lot. With this in mind, mow a fraction of the land to cater for safe car parking. Remember the slot should be inside the gate to enhance vehicle security.

Prepare the Structures on the Land Too  

Sometimes, you may need to sell your land and its structures. If this is your route, ensure that the facilities are in their best state and renovated, and do repairs where necessary. For instance, when you renovate the house, you stand in a better place in the price negotiation. Also, the buyer can’t transfer the costs to you as they seek to reduce the set selling price.

There’s more to land selling than advertising, looking for serious buyers who match your expectations, and money transfer into your account. Between the first and the last stage, you have to commit to inexpensive activities that significantly impact the land’s first impression. When you follow the above guidelines, you reduce stress and maximize cash.