How to Handle an Auto Accident Injury

Just about anyone who drives throughout adulthood will be in at least one vehicular accident. Hopefully, that accident will not be especially serious and only cause you to file an insurance claim that covers the cost of damages to your vehicle. Many times, though, an auto accident injury might occur. If so, here are some tips on how to handle being injured in a car collision.

Call 911 to Report the Accident and Injury

Calling 911 to report the accident and ask for a police response is always the first thing that should be done if you are able to immediately following an accident. If you are injured and are unsure of the severity, you should request an ambulance, too. Reporting the accident and requesting an ambulance will help to affirm you did not flee the scene if the ambulance arrives first and whisks you away to the emergency room.

Get Medical Help Right Away

Obtaining emergency medical help when needed is always the top priority for anyone injured in a vehicular accident. A police officer might arrive at the emergency room while you are obtaining treatment to get your version of accident events. If not, you should call the local police department when you can to try to get your side of the story added to the police report. You should never rely on another driver to provide honest and factual information following an auto accident — especially one in which you are injured.

Retain an Attorney

An injury accident is an event that virtually ensures you will need the help of an experienced San Antonio auto accident attorney. You should retain an attorney to help you gather evidence, uphold your rights, and file strongly supported insurance claims. When you retain an attorney, insurers, debt collectors, and opposing attorneys cannot contact you directly. Instead, all relevant communications must flow through your attorney. If you are unable to work and fall behind on your bills, your attorney can stop any related collection activities and have any negative reports removed from your credit report while the matter is being settled.

File an Auto Insurance Claim

You should file an auto insurance claim as soon as possible following an accident. Your injury might prevent you from doing so right away if you are hospitalized, but you need to contact your insurer to begin the claims process as quickly as possible. Texas law requires motorists to prove they can pay for accident costs, which usually is done by maintaining auto insurance liability to pay for medical costs and property damage up to policy limits. You should give your insurer the contact information for your attorney, too.

Make Sure the Police Report Is Accurate

If a police officer has not given you a copy of the official police report, you should get a copy to make sure it contains factual information. You can buy a copy online using the Texas Crash Records Information System and download it to your computer. If you see any discrepancies or outright lies in the report, you should contact that responding officer listed on the report and either have it amended with the correct information. You also should have the opportunity to write your side of the story and append it to the police report.

Until the matter is settled, you should stay in contact with your attorney and follow any legal advice given. If you secure a settlement, your attorney will deduct a fee, pay any related medical bills, and give you whatever might be left of the settlement.