How To Grow Your Audience As A Video Game Streamer


If you’re an aspiring video game streamer, one of the biggest things you can do to secure a successful future is to grow your audience. These are the people who will regularly tune in to watch your live videos, and can communicate their thoughts on previous ones too.

In this article, we’ll be discussing how to authentically grow your audience as a streamer, without having to buy any followers. There are a number of ways that you can approach this that will lead to more impressions, clicks and interactions!

Choose The Right Niche

In the gaming world, it can be difficult to identify the best areas to enter as a new streamer. Games can span a huge range of interests, styles and consoles, so narrowing down the best ones to play in order to cultivate an engaged audience isn’t always easy.

One of the first steps you should take as a gamer is to work out which games you enjoy the most, and whether there is an audience for them, so that you can start streaming to an engaged group of viewers. This way, you won’t be trying to target a market that is too saturated with competition.

There are a number of other steps that you can take to identify your streaming niche, but starting out with the basics allows you to test what works, and what doesn’t.

Upgrade Your Setup

It goes without saying that viewers are far more likely to tune into – and keep watching – videos made up of a clear picture with good sound quality. Because of this, it’s vital that the equipment you use for your gaming setup is capable of producing and delivering the very best content for your audience.

For instance, the right gaming PC with a powerful processor and a high-quality graphics card can make all the difference – there are a range of Lenovo GTX 1070 Gaming PCs that fill the bill for this.

Develop An Online Presence

Although the most popular game streaming platforms offer streamers an exceptional opportunity to grow an audience, if you really want to boost your views and engagement, it’s vital that you use other forms of social media to further develop your overall online presence.

There are a number of different platforms available, like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter on which you can promote your personal brand and encourage more traffic to your stream. Once you’ve uploaded content, you can use guides online that will help you to build your channels and optimize their metadata to reach as many people within your target audience or niche as possible.

Growing as a video game streamer isn’t easy, and in most cases, it takes months, if not years, of dedicated hard work to build a channel of engaged and interested viewers.

By following our top tips, including upgrading your setup, developing an online presence and working within the correct niche, you can grow an authentic community without having to resort to drastic measures like buying new followers or trying to expand into unsuitable or irrelevant areas. Instead, implementing positive changes from day one will see your growth as a streamer soar.