How Can You Get Reduced Arizona Car Shipping

When moving out of Arizona to another state or even a long distance, most people want to find the least expensive method for shipping their auto. While it’s important to avoid the cheapest transporter since that can often result in subpar quality, reducing the price point while maintaining efficiency is possible. 

Car owners will find that car transporters in Arizona has many options for shipping, allowing flexibility with costs. That can mean varied carriers, options for pick-up locations, variables like distance, type of car, condition of vehicle, and on. The providers will vary in their rates, but these will be competitive.  

If any are unbelievably low, this is a red flag. That instinct that “it’s too good to be true” is probably right on. Let’s explore the various ways to reduce the costs when transporting your car to its final destination. 

Tips on Reducing the Cost of Auto Transport 

Car owners can save money on shipping services in various ways and still receive quality, efficient transport. Reputable companies offer several options for delivery with premium costs and standard prices.  

For instance, open transport is a common way for autos to be shipped, but cars can be transported via an enclosed carrier for a premium price. The same is true for delivery; you can stick with terminal-to-terminal, which is typical, or opt for door-to-door, a more convenient choice but a higher cost. 

  • Open transport 

Open transport boasts the easiest and fastest method for auto transport. The carrier has the capacity for ten vehicles, making the trailer more cost-efficient and easier to load compared to enclosed carriers. Most reputable companies have access to insurance in case damage occurs while in transit. 

An open carrier leaves the vehicles exposed to the elements, meaning the car will likely not return in the same clean condition when picked up with the possibility of inclement weather, road debris, and pests. This is a safer choice, however, than if you were to consider driving the auto across the country. 

  • Off-season 

If you can wait until the off-season to ship the car, you can get comparatively reduced costs. Typically, the summer season from “May through September” is the time of year when most people ship from one side of the country to the other or south to north.  

In the fall, the reverse is true; snowbirds will go to the south from the north. Other times of the year, like the winter, are slow, with a decrease in rates. This would be when you could take advantage of premium services and do so still with a final reasonable price point.  

  • Terminal-to-terminal 

The standard way is to drop off the auto and have it delivered to the terminal. This is also the least expensive choice for many car shipping companies since it offers drivers the greatest convenience. 

However, the other choice is door-to-door service, which is more convenient, albeit at a high expense for the car owner. 

Shipping companies recommend door-to-door services for clients since terminals can be a distance from where you’re located. The services can be slower based on the hectic pace, not to mention the potential for paying storage costs if the auto needs to remain on the lot for any length of time. 

  • Consider a broker 

Auto transport brokers network with numerous carriers countrywide whom they access to give clients reduced rates. If the estimate sounds too good to be true, it likely is with the probability of less-than-quality services, including delays with delivery.  

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It can also imply poor customer support. Reaching customer support while the car is in transit is essential to find out where it is, and any information associate can detail for you. The support team will be difficult to reach or supply inadequate or vague tracking with a less-than-average service. 

  • Pick-up/Drop off flexibility 

If your location is difficult to reach or out of the way, perhaps in a mountainous area or a site with small, narrow streets, it can be expensive, with the likelihood that the driver may not be able to reach the drop-off point. Carriers prefer traveling along interstate highways with access to a bigger city. 

If you can be somewhat flexible with the pick-up and drop-off, meeting the driver closer to a main highway, you could see a reduction in the rate. This will offer greater convenience for the driver and a more secure, safer route with the load. 

Final Thought 

A car is among the most expensive investments you’ll make in life. You want it to be safe and secure on its journey, but that doesn’t have to equate to an excessive rate. Click for guidance on selecting a car shipping service. 

You can get quality, efficient service for a competitive cost with the right reputable auto transport company.