Frequently Asked Questions on Horse Barn Construction Company

Building a horse barn is a significant investment that should be done correctly. The right construction company can help make the process more enjoyable and ensure your building is built for long-term success.

When hiring a contractor for horse barn construction, asking specific questions is essential. This article will answer frequently asked questions about companies specializing in horse barn construction.

What is the process of building a horse barn?

Fresh airflow through the barn is essential to keep horses healthy and comfortable. This can be accomplished with a roof ventilation system, stall fans, or even cross-ventilation created by opening exterior doors. Living in a humid region may require a clay floor and chain wall to prevent seepage of rainwater and mold. These can damage expensive hay, cause illness in horses, and cause problems with tack.

It’s also a good idea to plan passageways and open work areas, making it easier to do your chores. For instance, placing the feed room near the delivery zone will reduce the steps it takes to carry full water buckets back and forth.

Finally, consider how your horse barn will look from the road and neighborhood. The aesthetic of your horse barn must complement the home and landscape. Look for a horse barn construction company that is experienced with designing custom barns and has a good reputation.

How much does it cost to build a horse barn?

Several factors determine the cost of a horse barn. A key factor is location. The location of your building on your property determines how much it will cost to dig the foundation and run utilities. It also picks up the dirt needed to properly drain rainwater from the barn.

Another factor is the type of flooring. Bare earth is soft on horses’ legs but can become damp and trapped in odors; cement is easier to clean but harder on a horse’s feet and slippery. Many owners choose to cover concrete with mats for traction and comfort.

To save money, consider using a post-frame horse barn design. It can be erected in less time than a stick-built structure and will not require as much construction material. It will also be cheaper to expand than a wood barn.

How long will it take to build a horse barn?

Unlike traditional stick-built structures, which require an entire crew and all the messy construction that goes with it, metal horse barns are delivered to your property fully assembled. This means you have less mess and noise and a faster overall build time.

The quality of the building materials used in your barn can also make a big difference. 

Also, look for a firm that uses fireproof building materials as a standard, including doors and windows. Your horses must have safe, sturdy housing. Whether a simple run-in shed or an entire barn, they must be protected from weather and harsh conditions. This can help them maintain healthy body condition and protect their immune systems.

How do I find a good horse barn construction company?

When building a horse barn, you’ll want to find a construction company with formidable equestrian know-how. Before hiring a contractor, ensure that they are a member of the NFBA and have a positive reputation within the industry. It is essential that they can effectively communicate the project phases and the responsibilities of everyone involved. This will help avoid misunderstandings and disagreements during the build.

Make sure to confirm if the company uses post-frame construction. This type of construction is a smart choice for equine buildings because it allows you to create large interiors with tall vaulted ceilings. Plus, it’s more energy-efficient than stick-built construction. This is because the posts that support your equine building are spaced closer together than the stud walls in a stick-built structure. This allows you to install longer insulation lengths and reduce heat transfer. This will help keep your horses cozy and comfortable in winter and summer.