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Futures vs. Options: What Are the Differences?

For the average layman, the finance world can seem rather intimidating. With a lot of jargon thrown around, how can he not? However, once you break the terminologies down, you can see how these financial instruments can help you increase your wealth. In this article, we’ll focus on the futures vs. options debate. Options and futures are […]

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care refers to help with personal or medical needs over a long period. Most people who turn 65 years old usually need long-term care at a certain time in their lives, making it something that every household experiences. And, while most people can be affected with this long-term care, few people take advantage of […]

How to Refinance an FHA Home Loan

As the housing market continues to rise, many homeowners have gained a large amount of equity in their home in just the last couple of years. Even though loan interest rates have started to increase, many homeowners can still benefit from refinancing their FHA loan and use the extra money to pay off other forms […]

What Are the Different Types of Precious Metals That Are Bought Today?

Do you have precious metals in your portfolio? In the current, volatile economic situation, more people have begun to invest, hoping to stabilize their portfolios. If you don’t yet have precious metals, it’s not too late to catch the trend. Many people still view precious metals as a good port of call for a portfolio. […]

How to Shop for Car Insurance: A step-by-step guide

Having more options when buying something is a benefit for the customer, but it comes with its own set of confusion. Which car insurance policy is more important, which one should you get and which ones to avoid? All these questions can make your insurance purchase experience a headache. However, there are a few steps […]

A Guide To Personal Finance: The Basics

You might be thinking that you need a better-paying job or a large inheritance from a relative to improve the overall state of your finances. For years now, financial experts maintain that all everyone needs to do is to adopt better money management strategies. These strategies often involve budgeting and cutting back on expenses, like […]

What Does a Financial Expert Witness Do?

Those involved in a legal dispute can hire a financial expert witness to support their case. These experts usually specialize in one field or another. Banking experts, for example, are often called upon because of their deep knowledge of banking policies and laws in a given region. They can also testify to the fairness of […]

3 Things You Should Know About Digital Loan Apps

For some people, applying for a bank loan is a simple process. They have the financial documents, credit history, and assets to secure the funds they need. But for others, the process can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially when they don’t qualify for a traditional loan. Fortunately, digital loan apps are here to make the […]

Everything You Should Know About Investing in MKR

The world of cryptocurrency is an ever-changing landscape that is forever intriguing and full of opportunity. For those new to the DeFi scene, there is a lot to learn and Maker (MKR) is one project that is certainly worth paying attention to. MKR is a governance token that is native to the Maker Protocol (a […]