Why a Private Jet is Better Than a Commercial One When Flying for Business

Do you travel for business frequently? If you do, and you’re still travelling commercial, then you’re missing a trick. You’re also costing yourself time and stress (and probably money too). Flying privately for business has many benefits you may not have considered, and private jet rental costs may not be as high as you think.

Cost-Effectiveness and Convenience for Frequent Private Flyers

Travelers who frequently charter private jets usually find a private jet card membership is the most cost-effective and convenient way to charter planes. Private jet cards are prepayment schemes that give you the ability to charter flights at short notice and great prices. Some offer a range of additional benefits and savings too.

Private Flying Means You Avoid Queues 

Most journeys on commercial flights follow the same pattern. You’re required to arrive at the airport, sometimes hours before your flight, and then queue—for just about everything. Checking in, luggage, security. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, you may have to queue again for customs. Then comes the worst queue of all: the luggage carousel queue (or more often, a free-for-all, as people jostle for a good viewpoint). In the endless wait, you can only hope your luggage will actually appear—and be intact when it does.

When your trip is arranged through a private jet charter broker, it couldn’t be more different. Your much shorter wait will be in the comfort of a private lounge, which may offer complimentary refreshments and a host of other services. Expect simple, personal and speedy check-in and security processes. As for your luggage: not your problem. It’s taken care of by the ground staff and flight crew. You will have saved time, stress and possibly money (on airport snacks and wasted work time) too. 

You Have Far More Privacy on Private Flights

When you fly commercially, privacy is non-existent. You’re surrounded by other people, both at the airport and on the flight. Working on business-sensitive documents can’t happen, and nor can confidential conversations or meetings.

Business air charter services provide a completely different experience. You can work, meet, talk or take a phone call in the privacy and quiet of the private lounge (or the adjoining meeting or workrooms they may offer). Private flights offer even more privacy and peace. Private jets can also provide the ‘office in the air’ experience—from the basics like Wi-Fi and worktables to extra-large HD screens and conference rooms.

You Have Access to More Airports When Travelling by Private Jet

Private flying gives you access to ten times the number of airports served by commercial airlines. Often, you can depart closer to home and land nearer to your destination. The result? Convenience, and shorter cheaper transfers, saving you time and money. Plus, with private travel, you fly when you want to, rather than at the whim of commercial schedules. This means arriving in time for events rather than hours or even days early, and flying home immediately if you wish. There’s no need for hotel stays while you wait for a return flight. 

Your time is precious. Why waste it waiting when you could be working or relaxing?

Choose Freedom: Fly Private!

Flying private is a luxurious, comfortable experience, offering you the freedom to design your own flight schedules. It offers time-efficient, convenient, stress-free travel, and can be highly cost-effective too. Plus, the best private jet charter services offer extra amenities to suit your needs, from bespoke catering to transfers and security staff. Isn’t it time you make the change?