What’s It Like Living in Hong Kong? A Brief Guide


Did you know that expatriates make up 10% of the 7.5 million population of Hong Kong? This means that it’s quite common for folks from all over the world to move to Hong Kong and make it their new home. 

But living in Hong Kong isn’t the same as living back home in the United States or Australia. If you are thinking about moving to Hong Kong, read the guide below that details what the lifestyle in Hong Kong is all about. 

Hong Kong Is Very Safe

This is one thing you will read and hear about Hong Kong repeatedly. The crime rate in Hong Kong is very low and it’s very safe for expats to move to Hong Kong. 

Hong Kong Is Expensive 

But it can be a bit more expensive to live in Hong Kong than in certain cities in the United States and even Europe. It depends entirely on how you live and which area your apartment is located in. You can scrounge and live cheaply if you choose, but it requires a bit of concerted effort. 

Hong Kong Has Many Modern-Day Luxuries

When you first move to Hong Kong, you will realize that there is nothing you will miss here. It has all of the amenities and luxuries of a modern-day metropolitan city, with high-end malls, movie theaters, impeccable infrastructure, and entertainment to suit everyone. 

Hong Kong Has Biannual Taxes

Remember that you have to pay taxes twice a year in Hong Kong. Get a tax assessment here, so you can figure out exactly what you owe the Hong Kong government. 

Hong Kongs Job Market Is Fierce and Competitive

The best idea for an expat moving to Hong Kong is to get a job with a company there and sign a contract before you move. The Hong Kong job market is quite competitive and fierce, and it might be hard for you to find a job once you get there. 

Hong Kong Has Subsidized Healthcare

This is one of the many positives about living in Hong Kong. The healthcare system is subsidized, with the smart ID card, which means that even non-permanent residents can receive treatment through the public healthcare system. Dentistry is not covered under this though.

A lot of these treatments will be free or available for a small fee, so at least that’s something you won’t have to fret about when moving to Hong Kong as an expat. 

Living in Hong Kong Has Many Benefits for an Expat

If you have never lived in a metropolitan bustling city like Hong Kong before, it will definitely be a bit of an adjustment at first. But once you get used to the noise, and hustle and bustle, then you will love living in Hong Kong. 

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