What Are the Different Types of Air Conditioners?


Air conditioning is a staple in many American homes. This unique cooling system has become so popular that nearly 90 percent of houses in the United States have some form of air conditioning.

Do you want to install a new air conditioner in your home? You may be overwhelmed with all of the choices for home air conditioners. Here are some of the most popular types of air conditioners for you to get started.

Central Air Conditioner

A central air conditioner is an excellent option if you have a larger home and want to cool multiple rooms simultaneously. Rather than only having the home AC system in a single area, a central air conditioner splits off into ducts that lead to any room you wish.

Central air conditioner is a popular choice because you can stay cool no matter where you are in your home. However, be aware that it can lead to higher energy bills, especially during the warm summer months.

It will also require a complex installation process. Learn more about AC installation so you are fully prepared for your central home AC system.

Window Air Conditioner

For small spaces, a window air conditioner can benefit you greatly. If you like to hang out in the main room when it gets hot or you have a studio apartment, you should consider a window air conditioner.

Window units tend to be more cost-effective as a home AC system. They also require much less maintenance. However, make sure that your home is equipped to handle a window air conditioning unit before you start the installation process.

Geothermal Air Conditioner

If you want a more modern air conditioner, then you should consider a geothermal air conditioning system. Although this type of home AC system is relatively new, it provides a multitude of benefits if you can make the investment.

Geothermal AC is very energy efficient, which means your electric bill will not skyrocket during periods of high use. You may need to consult with a geothermal AC company to see if your home is in the right location for this type of air conditioner.

Portable Air Conditioner

For cooling on the go, you cannot go wrong with a portable air conditioner. It is fantastic either as a temporary AC replacement or simply an option that you can use when temperatures rise.

One of the disadvantages of portable AC is that it does not do a great job of cooling a house. Similar to window air conditioning, it only cools the area or room around it.

So Many Types of Air Conditioners

Ready for an air conditioner upgrade? You should not have to worry about choosing between the types of air conditioners. With this guide, you can make the most informed choice for your new home AC system.

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