The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Display Home

Knowing your options when buying a property helps you find one that fits your needs. For first-time homeowners, there are many opportunities to explore to get their first home at the best price. One of the popular choices is purchasing a display home.  

Display homes or show houses are built to showcase the skills and craftsmanship of the builders. They design the home down to the tiniest details to meet potential clients’ expectations. Then, the builder may sell the property to get their business running, allowing an opportunity for aspiring homeowners to buy a premium home.  

To help you decide if buying a display home is the best option for you, here are the pros and cons to consider.  


Buying a display home has many advantages. Some of these are the following:  

  1. It’s Built With Premium Materials  

Since display homes are built to impress and convince clients, builders use premium materials from the structure to the furnishing. They use high-end fixtures you can’t see in older homes, which makes them extra special.  

To see houses with premium-quality materials, visit a display home within your preferred location or check out  

  1. It Offers High-Quality Craftsmanship  

Display homes showcase builders’ capabilities and expertise. You can expect high-quality craftsmanship since the house is built to perfection. The attention to detail can impress even the keenest eye.  

High-quality craftsmanship is hard to find in other houses, especially in period properties. Display homes are built to last, so they’re an ideal choice for those looking for their forever home.  

  1. It’s Fully Furnished  

Display homes are fully furnished. These brand-new houses are decorated by interior designers balancing aesthetics and practicality. Everything is well thought-out, so you’ll know how to decorate it yourself once you move in.  

Unlike a preoccupied property, furnishings in a display home are pristine. You can expect everything to be polished and new.   

  1. It Offers Exquisite Designs  

Purchasing a display home is ideal if you’re looking for a housing option with an exquisite design without the hassle of building from scratch. They’re designed by experienced architects who don’t compromise elegance and attention to detail.  

Whether you want traditional or modern house designs, you can find display homes that suit your preferences. You can see all your possible home style options when you visit a display home village.  

  1. It’s Properly Maintained  

Maintenance is crucial to keeping the home in the best condition. Display homes are properly maintained since the builders use them to showcase perfection. You can expect to move into an ideal space. 

Moreover, the appliances in display homes experience zero wear and tear. They still look and function like brand new since the house remained unoccupied. You can also expect the kitchen and bathroom fixtures to be free from water spots and stains.  

  1. It’s Cost-Efficient  

Some display homes are sold at affordable prices, so they sell out quickly. The builders may sell their properties at a lower cost to raise capital for their projects promptly. In this case, these houses are a great deal for aspiring homeowners looking for an affordable option.  

  1. It’s Convenient And Hassle-Free  

A display home brings all the benefits of owning a brand-new property but is hassle-free. Some aspiring homeowners consider this a more convenient option than building a house from scratch.  

A ready-built home removes the stress of not seeing the finished project. Since you’re buying the house as is, you can visualize what it’s like to live in it.  

  1. It’s A Good Investment Opportunity  

Most builders sell display homes, followed by a leaseback agreement. In this arrangement, the buyer or new property owner leases it back to the builder to continue utilization as a display home. The rent is much higher than a typical property rental, providing an excellent investment opportunity.  


Although there are many benefits of buying a display home, you also need to consider the disadvantages like the following:  

  1. Long Wait Before Moving In  

Due to the possible following leaseback agreement upon purchase, you may need to wait around one to five years to move in. If you’re looking for a house wherein you can move in right away, a display home may not be for you.  

  1. Less Accessible Location 

Some display homes are located in designated show villages, which may not be as accessible as other areas. Suppose you prefer a location in the city or suburban area. In that case, finding available display homes there might be challenging since they usually sell out faster.  

  1. Unoccupied Neighboring Homes  

When the leaseback agreement is over and you finally move into your new home, you may notice that most neighboring properties are still unoccupied. Some houses may still be used for display, and only a few have occupants.  

This issue is common when buying a property in a display village. Although peaceful and quiet, the lack of neighbors can be unsettling for some.  


Buying a display home is an excellent option for new homeowners and property investors. After considering all the pros and cons, you may schedule a visit to a display village near you to evaluate further if it fits your needs.