The Complete Guide to Hiring an Emergency Electrician for Homeowners


According to the Electrical Safety Foundation International, 51,000 residential electrical fires occur in the U.S. every year.

So, if you think something is not quite right with your home electric system, you need to act fast. Flickering lights, power outages, and sparking appliances can all indicate underlying issues that could endanger your family.

Day or night, you must call for help the moment you notice something amiss.

Follow these steps for hiring an emergency electrician, and make sure you save their number for when you need it most.

Hiring an Emergency Electrician You Can Trust

A word-of-mouth reference is the best way to avoid dealing with a fly-by-night contractor. Ask your family and friends if they’re willing to recommend an electrician northern beaches, or anywhere in your area.

You can also look for online customer reviews about local electricians such as Milestone Home Service Co. to find reputable companies, and browse their websites, too.

This will provide valuable information about the company, like:

  • A brick-and-mortar address
  • The services offered
  • Extra customer reviews

A professional-looking website is often a sign of a well-established and reputable operator. In fact, this is a proven method of finding the best local electrician anywhere in the country.

Make sure they offer around-the-clock emergency services before you waste your time contacting an electrical contractor.

Check Licenses and Insurance

Be sure to work with an insured and licensed emergency electrician. If you overlook these criteria, you could experience problems with your insurance company if there’s a fire.

Most states require at least a contractor’s license for these professionals to offer their services.

Third-party insurance is an important safeguard. Workers’ compensation is a good indication of professionalism and legal compliance.

Never work with an unqualified electrician.

There are three levels of qualifications for electricians. These are:

  • Residential wireman
  • Journeyman electrician
  • Master electrician

These qualifications require thousands of hours of study and on-the-job experience. Yet, additional electrical repair experience is an important thing to consider too.

An experienced electrician can get to the root of problems faster, saving you money on labor charges in the process.

Comparing Electrician Costs

Once you’ve narrowed down your options for electrical inspections in Murfreesboro to the best operators in town, get in touch with them. A meeting or phone call can give you a good idea about their customer service levels.

Ask about their after-hours prices and make a note of these. Most electricians charge per hour.

You should compare costs from at least three electricians before you make up your mind.

Remember, pricing isn’t always an indication of a good or bad plumber. Rather take note of any warranties, guarantees, and follow–up services when making your decision.

There’s a good chance you won’t have extra money available when an emergency arises. Find out if they offer finance for major repairs or after-hours emergencies.

Take Your Home’s Safety Seriously

Don’t leave hiring an emergency electrician until the last moment. Doing the necessary research now could save your life. Besides, you want to know you’re working with the best available professionals when disaster looms.

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