Real Estate Video Marketing: Top Tips To Help You Sell More


In the real estate industry, visuals are more important than anything. Using a video marketing strategy can be a great approach to generating more leads, driving more sales, and increasing revenue. Video is the single most viewed content globally and is often called the king of content. About one-third of all online activity is spent watching the video.

As a real estate agent or marketer, you can use videos to showcase the lifestyle and neighborhood around the area and all other amenities in detail. It will boost your real estate business and build a stronger connection with potential buyers if you want to stay ahead of competitors and get the best out of your video marketing efforts.

Here are the top tips for selling more through video marketing.

Tip #1: Plan Your Budget Effectively

Planning your budget is very important as it can decide your video quality and the time to complete the shoot. To meet the steep competition, your video quality should be perfect. You cannot simply go out and shoot with your phone and showcase it on your blog. Low-quality footage will instantly reduce growth potential.

To plan your budget effectively, you need to list items such as a camera, video editing tool, and other equipment you require for your real estate marketing videos. You can either buy it yourself or rent it out from local platforms.

In real estate, everybody knows if the property is visually appealing, you won’t have any problem getting it off the market. Also, you’ll need to keep aside some budget for promoting your videos on social sites.

Tip #2: Hire a Skilled Videographer

If you hire a videographer, you can rest assured you’ll get the best video footage shoot from multiple angles, drone views, interior, and exterior covers. If you want neighborhood views, that can also be included.

A videographer will have all the necessary equipment and can advise you on the various approaches to get the desired result.

However, finding a skilled videographer is not an easy task. You can start your search with an agency or peer recommendation. You can take the interview and ask questions such as how long it takes to complete the shoot, the price for a single video or series of videos, etc. Also, ask for samples and testimonials from previous clients. If everything sets in, you can go for it.

Tip #3: Create Different Types of Videos

There are several types of videos you can make for your audience in real estate. Creating different videos using an online video editing tool with real estate video templates will help you cover a wide range of audiences and grow your reach.

You can make videos such as listing videos, testimonial videos, agent introduction videos, live stream Q&A videos, and advice videos.

Such videos will help you create a genuine connection with your audience, giving you more opportunities for growth and sales.

Tip #4: Optimize Videos for SEO

After creating a video, your next job is to rank it on google to get high search traffic, and for that, you need video SEO. It can make your video rank higher on the search results giving your company more visibility. Increased visibility leads to increased brand awareness, and increased brand awareness leads to increased trust.

To optimize your videos for SEO, first, you need to do proper keyword research. Then optimize the title or headline, description, metadata, and tags according to keywords you already decided.

After all SEO optimization, embed your video on the relevant page of your website and start tracking its search engine ranking of it.

This increases the chance of the video reaching your potential client, so make sure your mention your contact details in the description of your video, helping them reach you.

Tip #5: Focus On Storytelling Than Selling

Don’t just sell; instead, show them a dream. Selling is mostly annoying, and people want to avoid it. Craft your video in a way that shows them a dream. Dream of a happy family, lifestyle, town, or neighborhood.

If the apartment is near the beach, show the lifestyle near the beach area, the local shops, and the testimonials of some people living near that area. Write your video script in a way that evokes emotion and connects with your clients. Maybe they are buying their first home or starting a new life in a different city. Brainstorm and list down ideas on what your clients could be thinking.

Tip #6: Share on Social Media Platforms

Share your video on different platforms to get more reach and leads. There are two ways to share videos on social media: Community posts or sponsored posts. Community posts can drive more traffic, whereas sponsored posts will lead to conversion.

While sharing posts on social media, remember to make informative, engaging, and helpful videos for community posts. And for sponsored posts, make product or property description videos. Adding LTO(limited time offer) and OTO(one-time offer) in sponsored posts can increase the conversion rate.

Tip #7: Create a Catchy Introduction

Videos are the most effective way to grab people’s attention while scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or other platforms. To capture your audience’s attention, you need to make the first few seconds of your video very captivating and engaging.

Your video introduction must prove that your video is worth watching. You need to jot down some ideas on how you will make your intro. Consider a few examples, such as starting with your introduction and the property you’re going to cover or showing a few clips of the property in the first few seconds.

Tip #8: Use Text Overlays in Videos

Text overlays on your videos can provide more information about your property and services, such as an address or phone number. It can help people find more information about you or your business without clicking through to another page on your website or social media channel.

You can use different font styles, font sizes, text colors, transition effects, background colors, transparency, fading, and many more-overlay setting options to enhance the text overlay in videos.


These are the eight most effective tips to boost your Video marketing efforts. Remember that video should be short and crisp, as people’s attention span is getting shorter and shorter with rising content. You are not limited to only these tips mentioned; Video marketing is a vast topic with many different tactics and strategies. So be an early adapter and harness the potential of video marketing in real estate.