Need a New Heating and Cooling System? Learn The Benefits of Installing Heat Pumps

Learn The Benefits of Installing Heat Pumps

Is your current heating and cooling Raleigh NC-based system looking a little worse for wear these days? Do you cringe every time you get your utility bills, wondering how a small house or apartment could possibly use so much energy? If you’ve been considering an upgrade anyway, now is the perfect time to learn about how installing one or more heat pumps could be a great solution for you.

Learn How Heat Pumps Are More Efficient

Unlike traditional HVAC systems that burn fuels to generate heat or rely solely on electricity to power air conditioners, heat pumps move existing heat rather than generating it from scratch. A compressor and refrigerant are used to transfer warmer air or absorb heat from the ground, which is then pumped into your home. This allows a single unit to provide both heating and cooling year-round without having to switch on separate equipment for each task.

The fact that they utilize existing environmental heat means heat pumps provide the same comfort and temperatures as traditional systems, but use up to 50% less power overall. This equates to much lower monthly heating, cooling, and electricity costs compared to operating separate furnaces and AC units.

Understand How They Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With environmental concerns and climate change an ongoing issue worldwide, more homeowners are aware of how their energy choices impact their carbon footprint. In addition to being cost-effective to operate, heat pumps are also incredibly eco-friendly.

By relying predominantly on exchanging existing heat rather than constantly producing more through combustion and high electricity usage, heat pumps can reduce homes’ carbon dioxide emissions by 30% to 60%. Making the switch can be one of the most substantial ways you shrink your environmental impact.

Discover Added Comfort and Health Benefits

Beyond cost savings and eco-friendly perks, installing heat pumps also comes with comfort and health advantages. For one, combining heating and cooling duties into one flexible unit gives you year-round climate control from a single system. Heat pumps also have numerous customizable settings and modes to keep you at optimal temperatures regardless of the weather outside.

Unlike devices that dry the air like furnaces, heat pumps circulate air without lowering humidity levels. Maintaining proper humidity inside, usually between 30 to 50%, will help keep your skin, throat, and eyes from getting irritated while breathing easier and getting better sleep.

Make Sure Your Home is Ready for a Heat Pump Upgrade

Swapping out heating equipment or installing cooling capabilities in your home comes with several prep work considerations too. Be sure your existing ductwork or radiators can handle unit output and adjustable temperatures.

Electrical panels, wiring, and circuits may need upgrades to support new power demands as well. Proper insulation, air sealing, new thermostats, and weatherization products will all ensure your new heat pump performs efficiently too. Consider having an HVAC professional assess your home first prior to purchasing, so you know any other essential changes needed beforehand.

Modern heat pump technology has come incredibly far regarding capabilities and effectiveness throughout hot or cold outdoor conditions. Units today provide ideal interior environments with humidity control, air filtration, programmable operation, and much more.

By installing heat pumps, you’ll enjoy upgraded comfort and huge cost savings over traditional heating and cooling methods. Just be sure to have your home inspected first, so you can take advantage of all the benefits properly.