How to Create a Unique Brand Identity


If you’re among the 33.2 million small businesses in the US, you likely are always looking for ways to make your brand stand out. Creating a unique brand identity is an important part of earning recognition, visibility, and customer loyalty. Read on to learn some ways that you can start developing a brand that resonates with your target audience.

Position Your Brand

Brand positioning is critical for those looking to be more visible online. You need to bid on keywords relevant to your audience and display ads under those queries.

When people search for the keywords and phrases that you bid on, your ad will appear at the top of their page or in the sidebar. This means that you’ll be primarily reaching those that already want services like yours. Y

ou’ll get more web traffic, more leads, and ultimately higher conversions.

Create a Brand Identity With Voice

Once people find you online, using a consistent brand voice on your website and social media helps people connect with you. It builds a brand persona and gives people something to get attached to.

People will then feel more loyal to your brand and the voice that you use because they’ll feel connected to the people behind the screen. It’s the same principle that gets people attached to celebrities or fictional characters.

You want your brand voice to not only be consistent, but also be warm and inviting. You want to crack jokes and be unique. This is a surefire way to make you stand out from more boring competitors.

Offer Promotions and Deals

About 3/4 of Americans cite available promotions as a key factor when deciding whether to make a purchase or not. When developing a brand successfully, you’ll need to offer new buyers a coupon or promotion of some kind. Some ideas include:

  • Buy one get one sales
  • 20% off your first purchase
  • A free ebook with every purchase
  • Coupons to use on later sales when you make a purchase now
  • Free content like swag (if you sell material goods)

A great brand voice can drive people to your business, but promotions can drive them to buy. If you want to make immediate sales, this is the way to go.

Talk With a Branding Agency

Many startups are unsure of how to start building a brand, but that’s okay. Professionals are available to provide assistance. All you need to do is talk with a brand agency about how you can grow.

They will likely have ideas for blog and social media content that people will love. They also can help you boost your visibility, create good brand imagery, and run the right promotions.

Get Started

Now that you know how to make your brand identity stand out, it’s time to learn more about promoting your startup. Check out the “business minded” tab on our home page for more information on how to boost your brand. You also may be interested in our search function if you’re looking to learn more about specific topics and issues.