Fall Follies: 5 Reasons Not to Forget Your Fall Gutter Maintenance


Are your gutters starting to experience problems? Are there problems with how they operate or how they’re held to the property?

No matter how vigilant you are about keeping up with your home maintenance tasks, a lot of us skip the simple fall and spring maintenance tasks for a few reasons. 

This is the time of year you need to make sure you get your fall gutter maintenance tasks done. Regular maintenance can save you a lot of trouble down the road.

The article below takes a look at the importance of regular fall gutter maintenance.

1. Your Downspouts Might Be Clogged

One of the most important aspects of gutter maintenance is clearing out your downspouts. If your downspouts are clogged, they can cause a number of problems, including water damage to your foundation and home. 

In the fall, leaves and other debris can easily clog up your downspouts, so it’s important to regularly check and clean them out. If you don’t, you could be dealing with expensive repairs down the road.

2. Improperly Diverted Water Can Pool In

One of the main reasons you shouldn’t forget your fall gutter maintenance is that improper water diversion can lead to pooling. When water isn’t properly diverted away from your home, it can seep into cracks and crevices, causing serious damage.

In addition, pooling water can attract insects and other pests, which can further damage your home. By properly maintaining your gutters, you can avoid these costly and inconvenient problems.

3. Rodents Can Move Around

It is important to remember that rodents can move around and may use your gutters as a way to get into your home. If your gutters are full of fall leaves and debris, it provides a perfect hiding spot for these pests.

Additionally, if your gutters are not properly maintained, they can become damaged and leaky. This can lead to water damage to your home and attract even more rodents. So, be sure to clean your gutters and repair them to avoid any unwanted visitors this fall.

4. Your Gutter Guards Are Cracked

If you have gutter guards, now is the time to check them for cracks. Cracks in your gutter guards can allow leaves and other debris to fall into your gutters, clogging them and causing water to back up and overflow.

This can lead to costly repairs, as well as water damage to your home’s foundation. Don’t forget to check your gutter guards this fall as part of your regular gutter maintenance!

5. The Gutter Might Need Replacement

If you think that your gutters might need replacement, never hesitate to replace them. Although it may be a little expensive, it is worth the investment because you will never have to deal with failed gutters again. Make sure to get a roofing contractor to install your new gutters so that they are properly secured and will last for many years to come.

Never Miss Out a Fall Gutter Maintenance

It’s important to never miss out on fall gutter maintenance because it’s the time of year when leaves are falling and can clog up your gutters. You don’t want your gutters to get clogged because it can cause water damage to your home.

So make sure to schedule a fall gutter maintenance appointment today!

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