Do Not Throw These Things Down the Drain

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There have surely been a lot of times when you have thrown things down the drain that you regretted. You may or may not have needed drain cleaning services, but you could cause long-term damage to your pipes and even other parts of your home. Are you not sure of what kind of things you should avoid throwing down any drains in your home? We’re here to help. Here are some of those that belong in the garbage, not a drain:

Cooking Oil/Grease

What’s the harm? You have hot cooking oil and want to get rid of it without making a mess in the trash. So, you pour it down the drain. The problem is that it’s only going to be hot for some of its journey in the pipes. Then it’s going to cool down and harden, resulting in a drain blockage. Since it probably went deep into the pipe while it was hot, that means that it’s going to take a professional to clean it out. Instead, dispose of it in the trash. It’s much easier in the long run.

Coffee Grounds

When you pour other things that are more fine-grained, they tend to dissolve. Not coffee grounds. They wind up clumping together, which will then cause blockages. You can either throw them out or you can even use them for composting. That’s much better for the environment.


Notice how pasta expands when you pour it from the box into the boiling water? You don’t want it doing that in your drain. Instead of even letting a single noodle go down there, throw it out in the trash. Otherwise, you’re looking at the noodles building up in your drain and ultimately causing a blockage. Plus, let’s not mention the fact that pasta is going to be wasted at all. That’s truly a tragedy.

Fibrous Vegetables

The only thing you want these vegetables to go through is your digestive system. We’re talking about asparagus, celery, and corn, among others. Fiber expands in water. If you pour these down the drain, they will also grow and keep other things from making their way through the pipes and make you need to call in a professional.

Gels or Soap.

You would think that soap would just dissolve in the drain — you use it to clean your body, right? Well, that’s in the sudsy form. If it’s a solid gel, it can clog the drain. Ever looked at a dollop of gel or soap on your sink and watched it congeal? Imagine that happening in your drain. Just wipe down any soap that falls into the sink and keep it away from the drain.

Hair is also out since it can really back up your drain, especially in your shower. That’s because they get tangled up there and keep forming a bigger ball of hair. Never throw expired medication down the drain — it could wind up making it to the drinking water supply or hurting wildlife. Don’t do bath bombs since they are prone to building up and then causing a problem with draining.

These are just some of the many items that you don’t belong anywhere near a sink, whether it’s a kitchen or bathroom one. If you do, you’ll soon find yourself in need of calling a professional, which will cost you money. You can use the money that you saved for a variety of other things around your home.

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