Best Couch Material for Cat Owners

Furniture shopping as a cat owner can be tricky. It is in a cat’s nature to scratch; it is an instinct that has been with them since before they were domesticated. They are also creatures of habit that will most likely spend a reasonable amount of time on any new couch you purchase.

Because of this, you will want to speak to the experts like those at Joybird Customer service and consider a couch material they will not feel drawn to scratch up.


In the past, many considered faux materials, such as synthetics and suede unfashionable, but today they are growing in popularity. Many are not purchasing couches made of polyester, olefin, or acrylic. This is because they are constructed in a tight, rough weave that can withstand the damage your cat may attempt. However, choosing a tightly woven textile is best because your feline companion will not be as drawn to scratch as a loosely woven upholstery that cats cannot resist most of the time.


Microfiber is considered the best option for couch material when you own a cat because it is scratch and stain resistant. So, if you have a feline friend who likes to scratch your furniture, a microfiber mater is a great option. Looking through resources like the Joybird reviews, you will also see that microfiber is a material that is easy to clean. All you need to do is vacuum the couch to eliminate any allergens left by your cat. 


Velvet may not be as standard as a couch material and does not fit in with every decor. But, velvet does hold up well against potential damage left by your feline companion. This may be surprising because most look at velvet as a fragile material, but it is incredibly durable and can withstand any scratching and daily use. 

Furniture shopping as a cat owner can be tricky, but choosing one with these materials will be the best option.