Are Steel Garage Doors Right for You? A Closer Look


According to the 2021 cost-vs-value report, garage door replacement tops the list of high ROI home improvements, once again. When you replace your garage doors, you can look forward to recouping over 93% of your costs when you sell your home.

Apart from value, new garage doors also add convenience and security to your home, especially if your existing doors are past their prime. Before replacing look into repairing, this website and others can have your garage doors working like new again.

When it comes to this home renovation, steel garage doors are the most popular option among homeowners. Keep reading to see why you should follow this trend, too. 

Steel Garage Doors Cost

The average cost to replace garage doors is almost $4,000 including labor. Yet, that depends on the material you choose. However, it’s best to stop guessing and contact ja garage doors central coast if you happen to live in the area, and speak to a professional about your garage door.

Steel doors are the cheapest of all materials used for garage doors, with three different price ranges to choose from. Single-layer garage doors are the cheapest, but you can also opt for double or triple-layer doors.  

These garage doors range in price from $500 to $1,800, although a customized design can cost a lot more. 

Durability of Steel Garage Doors 

Most garage doors will last around 20 years if you maintain them regularly. Of all the different types of garage doors, treated steel doors are the most resistant to weather and impacts. 

From a maintenance perspective, there’s little to do except patch up any chipped paint very infrequently. When you opt for treated doors, you needn’t worry about rust, either.

Untreated doors will rust quickly in humid climates. 

Single-layer doors are the least durable type of metal garage door. This type of metal garage door increases in strength as you add a layer. 

Steel Garage Door Insulation

Even the slightest gap between your windows and walls can leak warm air and add enormously to your energy bills. Imagine how much heat you can lose through a thermally inadequate garage door?

Steel is an excellent insulator, and it’s even better when you opt for a triple or double-layer door filled with insulating foam. Often, the extra costs of these high-end steel doors pale in comparison to the savings you’ll enjoy on your energy bills.

Not only do they prevent costly air leaks, but insulated steel doors keep your garage warm on those cold winter mornings. 

Will Steel Garage Doors Suit Your Home?

Steel garage doors suit every kind of home. You can choose from steel canopy doors, retractable doors, roll-up doors, hinged doors, and sectional doors. 

What’s more, you can paint a metal garage door in any color you choose to suit your home’s exterior design. 

Lasting Choices for Your Home

When considering the best garage door materials for your home, steel doors are one of the top options.  They’re among the best garage doors for any kind of climate, offer excellent insulation, and boast high durability.

Steel garage doors are also an affordable option and a versatile choice that suits a wide variety of homes. 

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