7 Tips To Successfully Re-Enter The Workforce 

It’s normal to take some time off work to focus on other essential things. There are many reasons people take a break. It can include starting a business, raising children, traveling the world, simply resting, and other numerous causes.  

However, those workers who have decided to leave often plan on re-entering the workforce and looking for a  job provider. Doing this is quite challenging, and it will take time to happen. It can be difficult, but it doesn’t mean it’s hopeless.  

Consider checking out this article to learn tips for re-entering the workforce successfully. 

  1. Establish Your Job Search Plan  

Searching for a job takes time, hard work, and commitment. Hence, you need to formulate a strategic plan for your job search. Keep yourself organized and identify the specific roles you want to pursue.  

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To establish your job search plan, you need to:  

  • Determine the job that you’re looking for  
  • Assess your strengths and weaknesses  
  • Set aside time to conduct your initial research  
  • Set clear goals  

After doing the steps above, you can find an employment services provider to help you in your job search. Also, practice inquiring about available jobs posted online and expressing your interest.  

  1. Improve Your Skill  

In working, there are necessary skills required. Since you took some time off from a job, many changes might have happened. Therefore, you need to bring your A-game by updating your skills.  

You can start by getting training or taking a few classes. Also, you can go back to school to earn a professional or technical certification. Allot some time to read good books or take an online refresher course. Remember that when upgrading your skills, you should focus on your soft skills, including time management, adaptability, communication, and creativity. 

  1. Create Your Skill-Based Resume  

It is now time to upgrade your resume after rebooting your skills. It would help if you crafted a resume showcasing your transferable skills, credentials, capabilities, and accomplishments. To do this, you can use a functional resume format instead of a chronological one.  

If you want to introduce yourself first, you can put a ‘Profile’ section. Then, to emphasize your achievements, you can create headings like ‘Benchmarks met’ or ‘Successful sales.’ In this resume format, you can highlight your skills rather than the precise dates of your employment experiences.  

  1. Boosts Your Network  

Boosting your network is ideal if you want to re-enter the workforce, especially if you want to change your career path. You can join a professional association and attend networking events and other industry-specific conferences to build a professional network. Create a great first impression in these events by dressing appropriately. They may seem shallow, but working on your hair and wardrobe pays off.  

You can also expand your network through online platforms. Update your LinkedIn profile to connect with others. Most importantly, ensure that your personal accounts in other platforms don’t contain anything unnecessary and questionable. Using online networks properly can introduce you to countless employers. 

  1. Seek For Advice  

Taking advice from other people is essential to guide you when searching for a job. You can contact your former workmates to catch up and get updated information about the industry and current hiring initiatives. Schedule a breakfast, coffee, or lunch to meet with them.  

Let them read your resume and cover letter if you’re done preparing them. Furthermore, you can ask for some networking tips that can help you. You might also want to consider having a professional job coach if you plan to shift your career.  

  1. Enhance Your Communication And Interview Skills  

When applying, craft a strategic plan to present yourself. You should design an elevator pitch highlighting your skills and work ethic to make you a unique candidate. Discuss your experience by drawing a concrete relationship between the job you’re interviewing for and the renewed skills you’ve learned during your career break. That relatedness demonstrates your continuous growth outside your career path.  

You can ask a family member or friend to help you practice your interview skills. You should list potential questions and try to answer them. To ensure that you’re projecting confidence, you should record yourself and then look at it objectively to catch points for improvement. During the interview, look for a time when you can speak about your strengths assertively and positively.  

  1. Explore New Experiences  

It is exciting to have new experiences. You can begin volunteer work, complete freelance work, or look for part-time jobs, projects, or contracts. You can search online for agencies in your locality and contact them to request an interview. Consider asking a career coach for a good career guide.  


Re-entering the workforce is a life-changing decision. Whatever caused you to stop working, remember that you have options regarding your re-entry. You can either continue your chosen career path or do something else requiring a new skill set. This re-entry is not easy; hence, you need an effective plan to do it successfully. The tips discussed in this article will surely help.