5 Ways Modern Technology Has Changed the Style of Property Management


Technological innovations have changed property management in a number of different ways. Traditional property management involves handling everything manually, which could be a slow and inefficient process. Automation has now become a critical component in streamlining property management tasks. 

Rental property managers have many different responsibilities, and taking care of all of them can be difficult without the use of property management applications. They result in more accurate numbers, improved relationships with customers, better rent collection, and much more. 

1. Streamlining of property management processes

Property managers have many different responsibilities, and property management software is usually multi-faceted. It can streamline various property management processes. Property managers can market a property, handle leads, process applications, screen tenants etc., without having to go from program to program. For example, there may be a process to publish listings to various sites at once, respond to leads and conduct credit and background checks. 

Property management software usually includes a customer relationship manager (CRM) component. CRM software helps with overseeing customer relationships and building relationships with them. The database contains customer information and details all interactions across communication channels.

When customer satisfaction levels are high, owning a property becomes hassle-free for the property owners in Colorado, whether it is commercial or a residential property. Property management experts handling rental properties in Colorado Springs, Denver, Fort Collins and other major cities in the US use CRM and other latest technology to enhance the experience of property owners.

Their impeccable service backed by their tech-savviness gives them an edge over their competitors. Therefore, if you have still not adopted the latest methods, you need to start considering it now.

2. More accuracy in accounting and reporting

Property management companies must be able to rely on accurate and detailed accounting and financial reporting. Accounting software allows for this and enables the creation of charts of accounts that are crucial for effective management. Businesses need various forms of accounts to deal with everything from assets and liabilities to income and expenditure. 

Using property management accounting software helps property managers to manage the economic performance of properties. It automates some of the repetitive accounting processes and enables accurate tracking of income and expenses and the preparation of budgets. 

Any financial projections or estimates for property improvements are based on data. Paying bills on time and preparing accurate financial reports are just some of the ways accounting software can help. Tax season can also be a real issue if no proper accounting records are available. 

3. Better property protection

Property managers can do much of their tenant screening online today. They can receive a report on an applicant’s credit history, background etc., to help them make an informed decision and select the most qualified tenants. They also need to verify income and contact previous landlords to ask them various questions. Tenant screening enables them to select tenants who are financially responsible and likely to pay rent on time and respect the terms of the lease. 

The choice of tenants is directly related to the success of renting a property over the course of the lease term. Landlords need to feel confident that they have the best chance of receiving rent on time so they can earn a steady income. Having tenants who look after a property means it usually requires less maintenance and repairs, which enhances its profitability. 

4. Use of powerful communication tools 

It’s important for property managers to communicate with landlords and tenants through their preferred communication channels. Decentralized communications from messages coming from various different places can be confusing and cause delays in response time. Tenants don’t want to have to play phone tag or wait for business hours to submit requests. 

In-app messaging allows all communication to take place in one central location. Tenants can identify a problem and even send images to receive a quick response. Managers can follow up, track the process of repairs, and assign tasks to vendors. The ability to handle maintenance digitally is very convenient for all involved parties. 

5. Improved rent collection

Tenants no longer have to deliver checks in person, and no one has to input checks manually. This can greatly slow down the accounting process. Now tenants have the option of making online rental payments from the comfort of their homes which greatly speeds up the process. Tenants can pay their rent using an EFT (electronic funds transfer). They can even set up an auto-pay option to prevent late rent payments. Property management companies may incentivize this by offering a slightly lower monthly rent if they sign up. 

Today, apps are available to help with automated rent collection. Tenants can receive notifications when they need to pay rent. They can pay from anywhere with a tap of their phones, so the landlord gets their rent quickly. 


It is important for property management companies to adopt new technology to improve their efficiency. They can ultimately streamline their businesses and make the properties they manage more profitable. Using the right solutions not only enables them to run their businesses better but offers benefits to their clients and to tenants.