5 Benefits of Investing in Memphis Real Estate


Statistics show nearly 20 million real estate rental properties in the United States. The same data shows there are almost 50 million rental units. And with almost 70 percent of individuals owning real estate investment properties, now is the time to start making money in Memphis real estate!

Several reasons for investing in Memphis real estate include cost and opportunities for vacation rentals. Moreover, investing in real estate can help you expand your investment portfolio and create passive income.

Here’s more on the five benefits of real estate investment in Memphis.

1. Cost

The average price of a home in Memphis, TN, averages about $200,000. Like many places around the country, prices rose slightly because of low inventory. However, these prices make it an excellent value for investing in real estate. 

The average price of a home elsewhere in the U.S. is $428,000, making Memphis real estate very affordable! And in Tennessee, the average price drops to $297,000. 

A lower cost means you can use fewer financial resources while investing in property. It will cost you less money to get a real estate property to begin making money.

When investing in property, it’s important to consider affordability. You can purchase more property for your money. In addition, you can buy additional property, thus increasing your cash flow. 

2. Opportunity for Vacation Rentals 

Memphis is one of the most desirable places to live in the U.S. and vacation – especially for those wanting to rent your property. Memphis is the home of Graceland and the National Civil Rights Museum. Many people also love Memphis for its world-renowned music and food scene!

When you own an investment property, you can use it for weekly or monthly rentals, boosting your income. Each year, millions of people travel to Memphis to vacation. 

When families vacation, many like the experience of something larger than a hotel room. It’s more room! The extra space allows people to cook their meals and relax in an ample space. 

You can also add amenities such as a pool, game room, library, and your personal touch. People will pay a higher place for a nicely furnished home. Don’t skimp on interior decorating! 

Vacation rentals can also command more money. You can capitalize on people staying multiple weeks for conventions and events. Marketing your property will also help you gain more attention. 

Owning a vacation rental also means you’ll help grow tourism in Memphis. You’ll also meet great people in the tourism community and host some great families and customers.

You must ensure the house is ready for guests, meaning hiring a cleaning service. 

3. Expand Your Investment Portfolio

One of the best reasons people are investing in real estate and investing in property is to expand your portfolio. Real estate adds diversity, especially when one portion sinks. 

A balanced portfolio protects you from worrying about your future finances. In a volatile market, it keeps you on level. Stability is critical in your investment portfolio. 

Rarely are there wild swings in the real estate market, like the stock market. It takes years for things to rise and fall. You’ll be on solid footing.

Moreover, you’ll build equity. You can also take advantage of tax breaks. Inflation does not affect inflation.

You become part of the community when you’re a real estate investor. With solid properties to rent, you create stability. A stable community lowers crime and encourages others to make investments.

Rehabbing a property also increases neighboring properties. Others will appreciate your investment as you expand your portfolio. 

Moreover, as a real estate investor, you can work with other property owners to improve curb appeal and have a voice on parks and even new housing. Investors will also meet potential new tenants, contractors, and elected officials.

4. Create Passive Income 

Many people are looking to create income from a source other than going to work each day or from their employer. Having a source of money coming in each month is excellent, especially when you physically don’t have to go to work each day! Passive income is a great benefit of real estate.  

And with more real estate investment properties, you’ll create a more significant amount of passive income. 

Passive income gives you and your family financial freedom. You can use your passive income from Memphis real estate to invest elsewhere or let it grow in other safe investments. 

Your real estate passive income won’t grow just by letting it sit there without attention. Investment in the property is essential. You will need to update the kitchens and bathrooms and maintain the property. 

Should your rental become vacant, it will be up to you to make sure it’s rented. It would be best if you used an excellent rental service and marketing techniques.

Higher rental rates can also bring you more money. You can find more details here.

You can use the extra money you make for vacations, college education, or early retirement.

5. Appreciation

It’s no secret that it will appreciate when you buy an investment property. For example, if you buy a property for $200,000, you’ll quickly watch it grow. 

Few investments give you this kind of return. A house appreciates between 3.5 and 3.8 percent each year. That can add up over time!

Also, you can always sell if you need the money for other projects or because of financial hardship.  

Also, when your property (or properties) increase in value, you can use that as leverage to purchase other properties. You can also borrow against it. 

Your local market will determine appreciation. 

Five Benefits of Owning Memphis Real Estate 

The benefits of owning Memphis real estate include cost, opportunities for vacation rentals, and end expansion of your real estate portfolio. Real estate also creates passive income and appreciation. Furthermore, being a real estate investor makes you part of the community.

Memphis is a great place to live, work, and vacation! Your tenants will soon find out why it’s so popular with people who’ve called it home for years.

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