10 Kitchen Backsplash Colors to Match Your Home’s Aesthetic

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Backsplashes can be a great way to add color, pattern, and texture to your kitchen. Whether you’re looking for classic subway tile or something more unique, there are many options.

Green is a popular backsplash color option for homeowners who want to incorporate nature-centric themes into their kitchens. There are several shades of green, from restrained leaf tones to vibrant aqua.


White backsplash tiles are a classic option that looks beautiful in traditional and modern kitchens. For a more serene backsplash, try a pale blue herringbone pattern. The elliptical shapes in this backsplash make the design look handmade, matching the wood accents in the kitchen.

A monochromatic tile design is also simple and timeless—shades of blue work well together, from the light sky and teal to navy and classic.

Alternatively, you can match the countertop material to the backsplash for a seamless appearance. A marble-look backsplash is popular, but you can find other options like faux stone or wallpaper to fit your home’s aesthetic.


Gray backsplashes work well with a variety of kitchen wall colors. Pair them with vibrant accents, like in this sleek kitchen, for a striking contrast.

Gray kitchen backsplash tile offers a wide range of texture options. Consider an arabesque pattern for a bold style in contemporary homes, or choose a herringbone pattern for a more casual, farmhouse-inspired home.

Using multiple materials in your backsplash is one of the 2023 trends to watch for. This kitchen backsplash uses a mix of stone, porcelain, and glass to create an eye-catching design.


Black kitchen backsplash tiles are a bold choice to enhance a dark space or act as a striking accent to a neutral or pastel kitchen. These slim oblong tile backsplashes contrast the white cabinets in this transitional kitchen.

For a contemporary take on black kitchen backsplashes, consider a herringbone pattern. In this sleek kitchen, herringbone patterned backsplash tile helps elevate the clean lines of the cabinets and stacked ribs of riftsawn wood above the stove. A smattering of gray marble adds an artistic natural touch to this modern kitchen.


From a cheerful candy apple shade to a deep burgundy, red backsplash tiles allow bold color in your kitchen. Use it to contrast striated marble countertops or create a striking focal point that draws attention from a neutral backdrop.

Muted maroon and farmhouse red tones furnish traditional, country, and primitive kitchen designs with sophisticated substance. To keep these tones from feeling too rustic, balance them with earthy wood finishes and bronze hardware.

Textured backsplash tiles in a red hue can add a warm and welcoming vibe to any kitchen. Try snagging a set of unevenly sculpted ceramic tiles for maximum impact.


Green backsplashes can complement a wide range of kitchen designs. Subtle shades like mint and sage work well in toned-down kitchens, while bolder hues such as emerald add drama and contrast.

For a classic backsplash, consider a simple, timeless tile pattern. For example, a company used eco-friendly handmade tiles with subtle variations for this modern kitchen that blends seamlessly with white countertops and open wood shelving.

Color variations found naturally in handmade tiles create a unique, one-of-a-kind detail that works well on backsplashes. For example, this swirled backsplash features coordinating but distinct shades that play off each other for visual interest in a dark-toned kitchen.


Blue backsplash tile is a perfect way to add eye-catching color to your kitchen. This calming hue perfectly complements neutral cabinets or can serve as a bold statement piece.

Whether you choose a subtle sea foam subway tile or a turquoise herringbone pattern, a colorful backsplash can add personality to your home. A patterned tile backsplash can also help hide smudges and fingerprints.

Use an image search tool to find the perfect tile for your project. See how this kitchen features navy blue glass tiles that resemble rolling waves.


A bold take on the sunset color palette, orange backsplash ideas can be incorporated into a variety of decor styles. This vibrant hue creates a stylish contrast with white and grey cabinets or countertops to provide an eye-catchy design look or enhance a vintage farmhouse style with natural wood finishes.

This kitchen uses eco-friendly handmade mini stars and cross-backsplash tiles to create a beautiful focal point that matches the colors of the countertop and wood floors. The neutral tones create a serene vibe.


A swath of sunny yellow tile adds irrepressible cheer to this kitchen. In this kitchen, the color variation between handmade zellige tiles echoes the trim on the shaker-style cabinets.

Backsplashes in herringbone patterns can add a bold touch to any kitchen. The slim oblong tiles here complement the design on the dining room chairs and window-blind tape.

If you can’t decide on one backsplash tile color, a monochromatic design works well too. Try a variety of shades and tones of the same hue, like this blue-and-teal backsplash.


Yellow is an excellent option for kitchens that don’t get much natural light, as it will brighten up the space and make it feel warmer. It’s also a good choice for country and farmhouse-style kitchens.

Ceramic tile is a classic choice for backsplashes. It comes in various colors and textures that can be combined to create multiple designs. A mix of faded yellow and patterned tiles gives this kitchen a French look.

A backsplash made from recycled glass is a green and stylish option that can give your kitchen a unique look. These eco-friendly backsplashes come in various design styles, from granite-look to ones that contain small and large chunks of blue beer bottles.


Using suitable backsplash tiles can bring another design dimension to your kitchen. Thin glass and stone tiles in this kitchen create a shimmering backsplash that complements the warm wood countertop.

Green backsplashes can make a bold statement, too. In this Utah mountain retreat, geometric tile with quilt motifs brings artisanry and craftsmanship to the kitchen.

Break away from the traditional subway tile and try a herringbone pattern for an eye-catching backsplash. The design echoes the lines of the cabinets and draws attention to the room’s focal point.