What’s the Easiest Country to Move to From the US? Here’s the Top 5

So you’re interested in leaving the US. You’re far from alone: according to recent statistics, there are around 8.7 million Americans (excluding military personnel) living abroad. 

Yet moving abroad isn’t as easy as packing your stuff and leaving. In most countries, there’s expensive and troublesome paperwork to deal with before you can start living abroad permanently.

So if you want to minimize the stress of leaving the United States, where should you go? Which countries are the easiest for Americans to move to?

Today, we’re going to help you find the easiest country to move to. Ready to get started planning your move? Then read on and learn which counties are the easiest to move to!

1. Canada

It may not be a tremendous surprise that moving to our neighbor to the north is fairly simple as moves go. Moving to Canada requires a visa but there is a wide range of different avenues for prospective immigrants, including:

  • Skilled jobs
  • Self-employment
  • Working in childcare
  • Being an investor in the Canadian economy

When you move, what can you expect? Well, in many ways life in Canada is very similar to life in the USA: you can watch ice hockey, baseball, football, and basketball, the quality of life is similar, and jobs are pretty easy to come by.

There are a few differences between Canada and the US, though. The government tends to be more progressive, which could be a boon if you’re left-leaning, and there is socialized healthcare and a generous welfare state.

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2. New Zealand

If moving to another country in North America isn’t enough of a change for you, why not consider New Zealand? This nation in Oceania has a superb standard of living and its beautiful landscapes are famous around the world. 

Almost everyone in this country speaks English, there’s a thriving (if small) economy, it’s one of the safest countries in the world, and it’s got great healthcare and education systems.

Moving to NZ isn’t too difficult for educated or skilled Americans. Take a look at where the country has skills shortages and see if you qualify for a visa. If you do, the application process is smooth and easy to understand: you could be moving sooner than you thought!

3. Australia

If New Zealand seems a little too quiet for you, then Australia could be perfect. This nation has a large, growing economy, with a huge range of jobs available to immigrants.

It also has a lot of the benefits of New Zealand, including beautiful landscapes, warm climates, socialized healthcare, fantastic schools and universities, and a large, generous welfare state.

If you want to move to Australia to work, you’ll need to check out whether you could work in any of the industries where there are skill shortages. You can also retire to Australia with relative ease, provided that you have enough funds to support yourself.

The main problem with moving to Australia or New Zealand is that the cost of living tends to be higher than in the USA and visiting relatives back home will be difficult due to the high cost of plane tickets. The long flight times are another irritant, with flights to the US taking upwards of 15 hours.

4. Sweden

Famed for its liberal approach to political issues, an expansive welfare state, and thousands of years of history, moving to Sweden could be a dream come true for many Americans. If you’d like to move to Sweden and become a Swedish citizen, you’ll find that the requirements are surprisingly lax!

All you need to do to become a citizen is to move to Sweden permanently, live there for five years, and avoid legal trouble. Do this, and you’ll be able to be a citizen and get all the benefits of living in one of the most beautiful and progressive nations on Earth.

Yet how can you support yourself? Most jobs will require you to speak Swedish, which could be a big stumbling block. Other jobs, like teaching English, may offer a little more leeway.

The process is simple, so long as you can get there and can afford the high cost of living. Make it through this process and you’ll be rewarded with lifelong citizenship in a stable, forward-thinking, and beautiful country.

5. Czech Republic

Are you a young professional looking to move abroad? Then the Czech Republic, now known as Czechia, is a fantastic option. What makes this such an appealing destination? First off, it’s very cheap, with the cost of living being around half that of the USA.

Yet don’t think that you’re moving to a backwater: Czechia is a cosmopolitan country with a deep history, an amazing culture, and great healthcare and education. If you move to Prague, you’ll also find that a lot of the city’s population speaks English.

One of the best things about moving to the Czech Republic for young Americans is that it’s easy: there is a freelancer visa available, which means that you could work for an American country while living in Prague, Brno, or any of the other nation’s major cities. 

The only real issue about moving to Czechia is that while a lot of people in Prague speak English, you will still want to learn Czech, a Slavic language, which could be difficult for those who aren’t experienced with languages.

The Easiest Country to Move to: Solved

There’s no one “easiest country to move to” but all of the ones that we’ve covered in this article are fantastic options for Americans!

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