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Fun Swedish Adventures to Enjoy When Visiting

Fun Swedish Adventures to Enjoy When Visiting

If you want to get that authentic Swedish experience during your time there then there are some certain adventures or activities which you should you look to try out. Sweden is wonderful country and it is fair to say that the Swedes know how to have a little bit of fun and they are very adept at enjoying life for what it is. During your trip to this wonderful Scandinavian nation, here are some very Swedish things to get involved with. 


Swedish snus is a smokeless, powder form of tobacco which is placed inside the upper lip and enjoyed, this is a tradition in many areas of Sweden and you can find many in pubs and cafes enjoying a good a touch of snus alongside their refreshments. Many people have extolled the health benefits of this product as well, so feel free to get involved. 

Sauna Time

The saunas in Sweden are absolutely sublime and they are a very normal part of the culture here, especially of course in the older climbs. If you do go to a sauna here in Sweden then just beware that there may be very liberal attitudes towards nudity, which is completely accepted here. Check out the sauna first if you are a little prudish, just to make sure. 

Enjoying Fika 

The daily tradition of enjoying fika is one of the things that I love most about Sweden and there is an entire culture which has grown up around this now. In basic terms fika simply means the art of enjoying a cup of coffee with some delicious cake or sweet pastry, generally in the mid-afternoon. If you really wish to live like a Swede for a short time then this is most definitely the type of thing which you should get involved with and enjoy, a wonderful concept. 

The Museum of Failure 

There are few things that represent the brilliance of Swedish culture and attitudes than this incredible museum which is located in Helsingborg, and that is the Museum of Failure. The artifacts inside the museum is a collection of all of the tech ideas, concept plans and products which were designed throughout history which fell flat on their face when the time came to take them to market. Only the Swedes would come up with such a delightful concept to turn something which is negative into a fun experience. 


If you are fortunate enough to be in Sweden during the last 10 days of June then you must get involved in the Midsummer celebrations of the longest days of the year. Many Swedish towns and villages will have a celebration filled with flower wreaths and folk dancing, a wonderful way to celebrate the day which has almost 23 hours of sunshine, and never gets dark. This is an experiment like no other, a truly incredible natural event which takes place in the heart of summertime. 

Which will be your first Swedish experience?

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