Vaping in Your Car: A Short Guide

Smoking tobacco cigarettes has claimed the lives of many people. Many people know this fact and are quitting the habit. Vaping is considered one of the most effective ways to stop smoking for good. Through vaping, you can access nicotine minus the many toxic chemicals found in cigarettes. The vaping industry has rapidly grown due to increasing demand by the public. In a short period, vaping has been considered a norm. You can now see many people vaping as you walk on the streets. Gradually, a vaping community is being formed.

Most people end up spending a significant amount of time behind the wheel. You may need your car for various reasons. You may want to go to work or commute back home. Since vaping is relatively new, a lot of people have some questions and concerns about it. Here are some tips that you should consider when vaping in your vehicle.

Make Sure Your Window Is Open

When driving, safety is always a priority. Some people may wonder how vaping may end up being unsafe when driving. There are some precautions you need to take when vaping in your vehicle. The first thing you should ensure is to open a window. This will be vital in preventing the windshield from being covered with the residue from the vapor you emit. This may end up preventing you from seeing well through the windshield.

 Another reason why opening the window in your car is important is that the residue on the windshield is usually sticky and noticeable. This is because e-juice is made from vegetable glycerin. However, you should not be alarmed that this will happen in your lungs. Your body can convert the vegetable glycerin into carbon dioxide. If you don’t open the window of your car, you may be forced to clean your windshield.

Do Not Put the E-Cigar Mouthpiece Too Close

When driving, you may be subjected to sudden movements because of the road. Most roads tend to have bumps along the way. Many people tend to put the mouthpiece of their vaping device close to their teeth when vaping. This should not be done when you are driving. Hitting a bump while driving may end up damaging your teeth. If you love your teeth, make sure you either use a rubber drip tip or refrain from putting the mouthpiece too close to your teeth. Because of the growth of the vaping industry, you can know now easily buy e-cigs with rubber or plastic drip tips online. Visit ePuffer and make your purchase today.

Make Sure Not to Leave Your E-Cig in the Car While It Is Cold Outside

It is vital not to leave your vaping device in your vehicle when it is cold outside. This is mainly because its performance may be affected by extreme temperatures. A cold environment may affect the e-liquid, leading to problems like leaking. Just like many electronics, your e-cig may be affected by extreme temperatures.


There have been vaping devices specifically made to be used when driving. Consider using the tips mentioned above to have a good vaping experience when driving.