The 4 Benefits of Shock-Reducing Casters for Medical Equipment

As we all know, casters are necessary for transporting heavy and sensitive equipment. For medical equipment like IV poles, anesthesia carts, and hospital linen carts, these casters must be durable enough to withstand harsh environments and keep patients and doctors safe.


In the medical industry, casters are an essential part of transporting equipment. They’re often used for gurneys and hospital beds, IV poles, and computer stands, all of which must be designed to absorb shock and keep patients safe while in transit. These casters should also be made of materials that can withstand corrosion and abrasion. Otherwise, they could break down, which would cause a costly accident and a significant loss of money.

Some casters even have antimicrobial tread materials essential for protecting patient health. They also have conductive wheels, which help protect sensitive medical equipment from shock during transport.

Shock Absorption

Shock reducing casters are the perfect solution for moving equipment in hospitals and other medical settings. They are designed to absorb shock and vibration when rolling over rough surfaces, which prevents the equipment from tumbling or damaging itself. They also reduce noise that can affect patients in a hospital or clinic setting. This can be especially important for patients trying to sleep and recover. Shock-absorbing casters are used on carts and other equipment in hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers. They reduce the risk of damage to the equipment and help keep patients comfortable during their stay.

Noise Reduction

Hospitals and other medical facilities have several vital pieces of types of equipment that need to be transported around, but this can be challenging. Gurneys, beds, IV poles, ventilators, and other items must move smoothly and consistently without disrupting patients. Casters for this kind of application need to be designed with durability, shock absorption, and braking and locking features to ensure they can move safely and reliably throughout the life of the equipment. In addition to these critical benefits, using casters in a medical setting also helps keep noise to a minimum. Noisy wheels can cause patients discomfort, which could negatively impact their ability to recover.

Braking & Locking

Casters are essential in various industries, including industrial and material handling, floor cleaning, and medical applications. The right caster can make or break the safety and performance of your equipment.

Many casters come with a brake that can stop the wheel and swivel section if it’s dropped or turned over. This prevents damage to the caster and cargo. A caster with total lock braking can also be a great option for warehousing and distribution applications. These casters absorb shock from a cart and rack, reducing the noise other warehouse workers can hear. In addition to these benefits, casters with shock absorption can be more durable and easy to use than traditional casters. They are also ergonomic, allowing users to roll and move their equipment without exerting much effort. They can help reduce the risk of injury while improving worker productivity.