Law Offices of Dr Bruce. G Fagel & Associates – Why More Law Firms Are Hitting Up Social Media

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When business began to use social media we would often see mainly retail companies looking to take advantage of the opportunity to speak with such a large audience. Over time however this has proved to be something which has become more and more attractive to a wider range of businesses. For example last month I was on Pinterest when I saw a profile of the Law Offices of Dr Bruce. G Fagel & Associates. I couldn’t remember seeing a social media profile of a law firm before, but when I got to thinking about it, this really is something which seems to make a lot of sense. 

Such is the way with these things, I am now seeing more and more law firms on social media, and here is why it is such a smart idea for them. 

Still a Business 

Whether we like it or not, the point here is that a law firm is still a business which needs to make money. Whilst they may certainly be outstanding custodians of the law, the reality is that without money coming in, they wouldn’t be able to represent anyone at all. And so should someone be looking for a lawyer and they happen to find themselves on social media, what better way to promote your services as a law firm to the public?

Instant Reviews

Many potential clients will use reviews to decide which lawyer or which law firm they are going to use for their case. Should they find a social media profile of a law firm however, they are instantly going to get a good idea as to whether or not this is a good firm or one which is trusted by people. If you have ever seen a social media page which is by a company that is not well respected or regarded, the people on social media will have filled the comments section on every post with bad words and the truth about the business. Law firms can essential give people the truth about them in an instant on social media. 

Increased Competition 

Unless a law firm is widely regarded as one of the best in town, there is a lot of competition for business within this industry. More and more lawyers are breaking away to set up their own firms and that means that they have to do something in order to set them apart from the rest. Social media of course provides them with an idea opportunity of doing this, and through the use of these platforms they can hopefully get ahead of the competition and help themselves to get clients which can then bolster their reputation. If a competitor is not on social media and you are, it is highly likely that you’ll see an increase in clients. 

You’d never have thought it at one stage, but it is clear that even those within the legal field are relying heavily on social media to bring in clients.