How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan for Your Home

Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans can lend a nice look of elegance to a room, whether it’s in the bedroom or living room. If you combine it with open windows, it can even do a nice job of cooling things down as well as an air conditioner.

But what is the right one? How big should it be? What kind of style should you get? Before you move ahead with your ceiling fan installation, here are some things to consider beforehand:

Fully Evaluate the Room

You need to look around and see where you’re going to put the fan. Is it going to be dead in the center? Will it be off to the side of the ceiling? How big is the room? How small?  Just like an air conditioner, you don’t want to get a fan that’s going to be too big in a small room or one that will dwarf everything in it …. and hanging a little too low.

As far as style goes, you can pick the one that you really like. Chances are, people aren’t going to be thinking about what it looks like when the blades are spinning and cooling them down. It’s all a matter of personal taste.

As long as you’re happy with it. Also, as far as removing it goes, it’s one of the simpler ones, and it can be replaced fairly easily by a professional. So, this is a low-risk kind of purchase.

In terms of the blades, they can run from 36 inches or smaller, and they can be as long as 80 inches if the room is large enough to accommodate the lengthier ones. Again, it’s all about what you want. You can even talk with an interior designer to see if they have any suggestions.

What Can I Choose From?

Now it’s time to choose the style of the fan. There are quite a few of them to pick from. There’s contemporary, industrial, rustic or traditional. These will be made from different materials, ranging from metal to other things.

You could also elect to go with lights or no lights, depending on what you wanted to do and whether there was enough current light, natural or not, to be able to keep the room lit like you’d like. Many of the fans tend to come with a group of four lights, so you’re going to have to be willing to change the bulbs on a regular basis.

After you’ve gone through all the steps, you can do some research to see where to find the best installer in your area. You might have even seen their truck in your neighbor’s driveway. Ask a friend or family member if they’ve had someone do the installation for their own home. If not, you can always expand your search and see what people are saying online about the ones that installed their own ceiling fans.

Talk with the companies that install the fans. Find out their rates and their availability. See whether they can get the fan or if you’re going to have to order it online or get it from the store. Make sure that you get an ironclad quote on the price or find out what the conditions are that might necessitate any changes to the original price.

Once they’re finished, find out about how to take care of the fan. How often will you have to dust it? What kind of warranty are you looking at? Make sure that they answer everything clearly. That way, you can avoid mistakes. After you do all the research, you’re going to be in good shape when it comes to getting your ceiling fan. Then it’s a matter of enjoying it.