How to Choose the Perfect Sneakers for Your Active Child

How to Choose the Perfect Sneakers for Your Active Child

Shoes must be durable and flexible to provide traction and support when kids are active. Look for slip-on sneakers with flexible fabrics that hug little feet and a locking toggle closure that can be tightened to secure the fit.


When children play, they need comfortable shoes that withstand the wear and tear of their active lifestyles. Ideally, children’s sneakers should be made of quality materials that fit well, have a secure fastener, and are breathable so they won’t rub against the kids’ feet or cause blisters.

Since kids’ feet are still developing, comfort is essential. Soft, flexible materials that let the foot move freely and bend and flex as needed should be used in the construction of the shoes. Minimalist shoes are trendy, but they are better choices for active kids. They often don’t offer enough support to prevent injury and can cause painful blisters.

Kids’ footwear should also be easy to put on and take off. Slip-on sneakers are a popular option, and they come in little kid and big kid sizing so everyone can find a pair that fits. The shoe has no laces and hugs the foot with flexible fabric that doesn’t pinch or chafe. The shoes are breathable and odor-resistant so that they can stay fresh.

The rubber sole can withstand numerous games of tag and offers lots of traction. The sneaker is also machine washable, which makes cleaning them much more accessible. The shoes are available in various colors and patterns and are made with recycled plastic.


Kids are notorious for their ability to tear through shoes, which is why durability is so important when shopping for sneakers for kids. Look for materials that resist rips, tears, and soles designed to bend and flex easily with the foot’s natural movement.

It would help if you also looked for machine washable shoes (to prevent stinky feet) and easy-to-clean (for quick wipe-downs after a messy snack or lunch). Finally, consider whether your child’s sneakers will need to be water-resistant.

A shoe with a waterproof membrane is excellent for keeping your active child dry and comfortable in wet conditions. You should also ensure your child’s footwear has non-marking soles if they’re wearing them indoors at school or in the gym.

These shoes from Merrell are made of suede, which is easy to wipe down and will keep your kid’s feet warm. The moccasin style goes with many outfits, and the slip-resistant outsole will help your child stay safe on slippery surfaces. Plus, the elastic goring makes these shoes a snap to get on and off. They’re great for kids who can’t tie their laces yet.


If your child plays a sport, having them wear shoes made explicitly for that activity is a good idea. This ensures the boots have soles that offer traction and comfort while playing the game. Having the right shoe for their needs will make their feet more comfortable and reduce the chance of injuries.

For everyday school shoes, kids love slip-on styles that are easy to put on and take off. Many of the sneakers have elastic mechanisms that make them easy to fasten for squirming or wriggling children. Look for a wide fit, especially in the toe area, to prevent squishing or jamming. Choosing lightweight shoes for better foot health is also a good idea, as they mimic the feeling of bare feet more closely.

Kids who play outside need a durable, flexible shoe for good traction as they run, climb, jump, and slide. Look for a sturdy rubber sole that can handle the roughest of conditions. You can test the sole’s flexibility by asking your kid to walk in the shoes while they are standing up.

Then, feel around the front of the shoe to see if there is about a finger’s width of space between their toes and the front of the sole. If this space is too tight, it will cause their feet to take on the shoe’s shape and create long-term foot problems.


The right shoes can help your child get the most out of their physical activity. A proper fit will minimize foot fatigue and injuries, while breathable materials will help prevent nasty smells and regulate temperature. The sole should be flexible and durable and provide good traction. Look for shoes with non-marking soles for children who like to play outside or run around school.

Sneakers offer a variety of styles, colors, and designs to match every child’s personality. Ask your child to wear their shoes and walk around to ensure you get the best fit. Then, stand back and see if the heel is snug without slipping or scrunching up in front of the toes. There should be 1/2 to 1 cm of sole in front of the toes for optimal comfort and support.

This running shoe gets high marks from parents and kids for its durability and value. Its breathable mesh upper conforms to different foot shapes, and the Fresh Foam EVA midsole provides cushioning for quick sprints or long runs. It also features denser medial post-stabilizing feet for kids who overpronate or have flat feet.