Everything to Know About Proper Fireplace Maintenance

If you have a fireplace, you need to take care of it. This guide explains everything to know about proper fireplace maintenance.

A fireplace can boost the value of your home by 12,000 dollars. Fireplaces are easy sources of heating and socializing. Everyone loves to gather around the fireplace and toast marshmallows. 

A fireplace can only increase your home’s value if you maintain it, however. Many people wash their fireplaces down with soap and water, but that’s not nearly enough. 

Of course, before all that, if you have a propane fireplace, you will need to look for a company that does tank installations for homes in your area. The tank will safely store and provide the gas to the heater and can be refilled as required. 

You can learn the basics of fireplace maintenance in a few minutes. Here is a quick guide. 

Cleaning Your Fireplace

The first thing to think about when cleaning your fireplace is ash. Ash can stain your bricks and fall onto your floor, damaging carpeting and tiles. Make sure you do this before you start ordering fuel from Romeo’s Fuel or other company so your fireplace will be ready to use once the fuel has arrived. You can put it to good use, however; ash can be a useful source of nutrients for gardening and exterior plants. 

If you want to discard the ash, sweep the surfaces of your fireplace. Collect as much ash as you can into a trash bin. Then use a damp cloth or wet mop to clean up the residue. 

If you want the ash for nutrients, collect it in a trash bag. Tie the bag closed and carry it outside your house. Do not let any residue escape from the bag, and mop down the floor after you have transported it. 

Creosote and soot are two other byproducts of burning wood. They can build up on the surfaces of your fireplace, and they can spread a fire into your house.

Service your chimney so it is completely clear. Allow creosote and soot to escape upward. Clean your chimney every month and remove all signs of buildup.

Increasing Fireplace Safety and Efficiency

Once you’ve cleaned your fireplace, you need to make it safe and efficient. These items can help you maintain your fireplace and increase its value.

You should install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in the same room as your fireplace. Fires in your chimney burn slowly, damaging the internal structure of your home. Practice fire drills in your home every month or so, including in the winter months. 

If you use a propane fireplace, a propane fireplace insert can help with air distribution. It can draw air from your chimney into the home, using that as fuel for your fire. You can control the level of heat and produce heat at high efficiency. 

Another thing to be aware of if you use a propane fireplace is that you can get your propane delivered from companies like nelsonpropane.com. This makes it easy choosing a propane fireplace as it solves one of the biggest hassles involved with this type of fireplace, refilling the propane.

Installing a glass door keeps sparks from tumbling into the room. It also keeps warm air from drifting down through your chimney.  

Installing a wire-mesh cap over your chimney keeps debris from entering into it. Make sure your cap has several openings so smoke can exit. 

Test all components of your fireplace before using it. Light a few pieces of wood and make sure smoke goes through the chimney. As soon as you notice a problem with your fireplace, fix it.  Additionally, you should hire a professional for this task to make sure everything is properly taken care of; you can search ‘Knoxville TN chimney repair‘ if you live in Tennessee.

Fireplace Maintenance Tools

Your fireplace can fire up the value of your home but it doesn’t work on its own. You need to practice good fireplace maintenance with some tricks and tools. 

Remove ash from your fireplace with a broom and wet mop. Service your chimney so it can release creosote and soot. 

Practice good fireplace safety. Install alarms and a glass door to contain flames. To increase efficiency, buy a fireplace insert and wire-mesh cap. 

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