5 Signs That You Need a Window Replacement

Unfortunately, windows are not meant to last forever. Look out for these warning signs that you may be in need of a window replacement.

The average American family spends at least $2,000 per year on utility costs. Part of ensuring your utility bills are lower than the national average is keeping your windows in excellent condition. 

Knowing when to get a window replacement by professionals like Renewal by Andersen windows can keep your home energy use efficient. New windows need to be replaced every couple of years or so depending on their make and model.

The best windows can last up to a decade but only if they are maintained right. Read on to learn five sure signs that your windows need replacement.

1. Fog Means Get a Window Replacement 

If you notice that your windows are foggy or have condensation between the panes, it is time to call a window replacement service such as Renewal by Andersen of Fort Collins. Fog, moisture, and condensation are indicative that a window unit has failed.

This will affect the structural integrity of the unit and also prevent it from insulting your home’s inside environment effectively. 

2. Your Window Is Cracked

If you notice that your window has a crack in it, you need to get it replaced. Call a professional window replacement company (click here for a recommended one) so they can handle the window installation process.

A cracked window can be very dangerous to remove by yourself specifically if the glass is not tempered.

To avoid getting cracks in your new windows make sure that you call a double glazing company. That way you will get the strongest windows that are more resistant to cracks.

3. You Notice a Draft

If you notice a consistent draft coming from your windows you may need to replace them.

A draft can be indicative of a failed seal or an improperly mounted window. Unchecked drafts will also skyrocket your utility bills over time.

4. Your Window Leaks

If you need to replace a leaky window immediately. Leaking windows can cause puddles of water to form underneath them. They can also cause water to infiltrate the interior of your home.

If left unchecked, leaky windows can cause water damage and mold growth. This can ruin your home and cause negative health effects for your family. So the second you notice any damage or fault on the property, you must contact a local window replacement company for an inspection.

5. Your Window Sticks

If your window jams or sticks, it may be a sign that it is off-balance. As windows age, they will settle and sag. If you notice that you are having a very difficult time opening your window you should get it checked out.

A professional can realign your window and if it is too old or worn out give you a full replacement. Don’t settle for a sticky window as each time you try to force it open you will be damaging it more. 

Replace Your Old Widows

Getting a window replacement done when your windows start to fail is very important. Not only will new Bristol double glazing windows help save you money in electrical bills, but they will also keep the interior environment of your home safe.

If you notice any of the five signs discussed in this article you should get your windows replaced right away. Find a great window replacement company today to handle your needs. Check back with our site for more informative content like this.