13 Awesome Woodworking Projects For Beginners

As a beginner, you should start with simple woodworking DIY projects to be successful. If you take on a huge, complicated project, you’ll likely fail. Thus, it’s essential to research easy woodwork projects for beginners with step-by-step instructions. If you think you might need some new equipment before embarking on a project, it’s a good idea to read table saw reviews and other reviews involving various woodworking tools so you can get a good idea of the best options that are on the market in your budget. You’ll soon realize that you can undertake many woodworking projects as a beginner.

In addition, your first woodwork project doesn’t have to be perfect as long as it’s complete and makes sense. You’ll realize that the mistakes made along the way help you improve your woodworking skills. Further, you can work on little woodwork projects around your home for aesthetics and statement pieces. If you’re unsure of what woodwork projects to take as a beginner, here are 13 items you can try: 

  1. Wall Shelf 

Making a wall shelf might be one of the easiest projects you can work on as a beginner. The process is simple, and you might only experience difficulty while measuring. When making a wall shelf, start by taking the measurements of where you intend to place it and then carefully cut the pallets. Once you have the pallets, you can begin screwing them together. 

Additionally, you can decorate the shelves to your liking by painting and carving designs on the shelf. In the end, you’ll realize that the project required less labor and a few items such as a drill, handsaw, pallet, paint, paintbrush, sandpaper, and an orbital sander. 

  1.  Chopping Board 

Making a chopping board might be the simplest woodwork project you can take on. All you have to do is get a wood pallet and cut it into the desired size. You have the freedom of choosing the type of wooden pallets you’ll be using based on your aesthetics. However, since the chopping board will be in contact with consumables, it’s best to ensure it’s safe. If unsure of where to get safe and sustainable wooden pallets, consider visiting https://challengerpallet.com/sustainability/

Another aspect you must consider when making a wooden chopping board is sanding to ensure that it’s smooth, and gluing in parts such as the handle. Ensure that you’re using water-resistant wood glue to attach pieces and that it’s well-dried before storing to keep it from falling apart. Once you’re done, decorate your chopping board to fit your style by adding arcs or simply painting it. 

  1. Shoe Storage Booster Stool 

As a beginner, you can make shoe storage that doubles as a stool using wood. The project is not complicated and can take less than an hour to complete. You must get wooden pallets that are appropriately measured depending on your needs, plywood, wood glue, and nails. Assemble the pallets and plywood by attaching them using the wood glue before nailing to ensure they’re steady. 

You can start by working on the sides before moving to the back. Once the sides and back frames are in place, you can add the desired shelves by nailing them through the back and sides. Once done, sand the rough edges and decorate to match your aesthetic. You can place the shoe storage booster stool in your closet, at the entrance of your home, or use it as a stepping stool. 

  1. Picture Frames 

You don’t have to buy overpriced picture frames to have a cozy and unique space. You can make picture frames by repurposing old wooden pallets or getting new ones. There are different kinds of picture frames that you can make depending on your style. One way to make wooden picture frames is by attaching four wooden pallets on each joint to create a square or rectangle and then fit the pictures. 

Alternatively, you can glue wooden pallets together to form a bed and then nail another two pallets across to hold them together. The interesting aspect of this design is that you can manipulate the pallets to make a bed to create an artistic creation. You can then place the pictures on the frame and hang them around your space. 

  1. Sofa Sleeve And Cup Holder 

If you’ve always wanted a cup holder for your sofa, worry no more because you can make one yourself! This is a simple but rewarding project. You’ll need to cut wooden boards into the desired size and drill a hole that’ll serve as the cup holder. Ensure that you measure the wooden boards proportionate to the sofa sleeve before gluing the joints and nailing them. 

Further, the project doesn’t require a lot of tools and materials. Some of the things that you might need are wooden board, wood glue, sandpaper, and wood stain. Another factor that you must always ensure is that the wood is treated and safe for use. 

  1. Candle Holder 

If you have some old wood chunks, you can repurpose them by making a candle holder. This is an ideal project for a beginner because all you have to do is drill some holes and nail in some parts. In addition, you can make the candle holder in two different ways; by making a flat bottom, then drilling holes at the top to hold candles and placing them on a shelf. The other way is by adding horseshoes on the sides to act as legs. 

You can also put a protective finish on the candle holder or paint it to make it more appealing. However, you can also decide to have the exposed wood as a finish to give it a rustic look. 

  1. Wooden Bench 

Wooden benches are an interesting project because you can have them outdoors or indoors. Moreover, you don’t need a lot of materials or expertise to make a wooden bench. All you have to do is use strong wood materials to support a person’s weight. Using damaged or rotten wood can break on pressure, which makes it an unsuitable material for this project. 

  1. DIY Wine Rack 

If you’re a wine lover, you can try making a wine rack using wooden pallets. As a beginner, start with a design that requires few materials and easy-to-follow steps. For instance, you can get a wooden board and cut it to the desired size depending on how much wine storage you need. The next step will be to drill holes used to hold the bottles. You can attach the wine rack to a wall as a shelf or suspend it using ropes or chains, depending on the style you’re going for. 

  1. Book Storage Containers 

Storing books and magazines in piles isn’t the most attractive habit. Using wood, plywood, glue, and nails, you can create useful storage containers for your books and magazines. Ascertain that you’ve correctly measured the plywood and wooden pallets so that the books can fit and glue the joints together before nailing. Furthermore, no standard design must be adhered to, but you must consider the weight of the books and the space you have. You can also opt to have the storage containers in the form of bins which are easier to make. 

  1. Coat And Hat Rack 

Before securing it to your wall, you need to secure hangers on a wooden pallet. You can make a very artful and stylish coat and hat rack for your home or office in less than an hour. To add style to the space, use an assortment of hooks and hangers and paint the frame to match the rest of the room. You can check online shops or retail stores for various options of hangers and hooks. 

  1. Spice Rack 

It’s time to change things up in your kitchen by adding some character using a wooden spice rack. Some of the materials that you’ll need for this project are wooden disks, a drill, dowels, and a wood ball. Once you’ve assembled all the materials, measure the wooden discs accurately and drill holes that’ll fit your spice containers. You can then use wood glue to attach the dowels as legs and handles, then attach the wooden ball as a knob. Use instructional manuals and videos if unsure of the measurements and procedure. 

When done, organize your spices depending on your style and needs. You can adjust if you realize that the spice containers don’t fit. 

  1. A Plant Tower 

As an outdoors person looking to upgrade their backyard, you can create a wooden plant tower. Wooden planters are an excellent way of utilizing small spaces and categorizing your plants. Making a plant tower is easy because you can repurpose crates by stacking them together and then adding soil to plant your plants. If you don’t have wooden containers or storage boxes, you can assemble wooden pallets and make them in the form of crates to create a plant tower. In addition, you don’t need to decorate a plant tower because the plants will give it a different aesthetic. 

  1. Wood Wall Art 

A wood wall art piece will be a perfect addition if your style is rustic. Simple wooden art can make your space feel classy. You can also hang them outdoors to spice up your exteriors, perhaps during the festive season. You can choose whatever art you want to make for your walls using wood, glue, and paint. The art piece doesn’t have to be sophisticated but should reflect your general aesthetic and make your home cozy. As a beginner, you can research different artistic styles and choose one that’s easy to make and will fit your home. 


You don’t need to hire a professional whenever you need a woodworking project because there are many awesome things you can make as a beginner. It’d be best to start with simple tasks and then gradually move towards sophisticated ones. Some of the DIY woodwork projects you can take on don’t need a lot of materials; you can buy them online or in retail stores. Nonetheless, always use protective gear such as glasses when handling woodwork projects yourself. Most importantly, have fun making creative wooden pieces!