Why the Kansas City Housing Market Is So Hot Right Now


Did you know that more than 508,000 people now live in Kansas City? On top of that, Kansas City housing market prices are expected to rise this year.

Are you looking at new homes in the city of fountains but aren’t sure if KC is right for you? Do you want to know what’s behind the hype of recent home sales?

The following guide will explain all of the key reasons home hunters keep flocking to Kansas City.

KC’s Job Market

Kansas City currently has record-high job postings despite the pandemic. Unemployment is also down substantially in Kansas City compared to the past 10 years.

The fastest areas of job growth include construction, manufacturing, and transportation. The leisure and hospitality industry and other professional and business services are also thriving in KC.

Kansas City is home to high-growth tech sectors such as finance and IT. American Century Investments, Commerce Bancshares, and Dairy Farmers of America are just a few major companies with headquarters in KC.

Both Ford and General Motors have key manufacturing and assembly facilities in the KC metro area. Also, Kansas City is home to one of the largest drug manufacturing plants in America.

Kansas City Housing Market

The demand for homes in Kansas City is currently higher than the supply. Homes typically only last a few days on the market if not hours before selling. You can visit www.bestofferkc.com if you’re selling your KC home.

Almost all Kansas City homes sell for their original listing price if not higher. Growing construction and materials costs have made resale homes a very attractive option recently.

Kansas City also has an excellent renters’ market. KC rentals boast great affordability and have a high quality of life rating. The low housing supply has boosted demand for single-family rentals in KC.

Art and Culture

Kansas City has a lot of attractions and things to do for its citizens. The city has several art galleries and a wide variety of performing arts venues. And of course, BBQ is a huge part of Kansas City culture!

The midwest city is also a sports fan’s dream come true. KC has wildly successful professional teams in the NFL, MLB, and MLS. Arrowhead Stadium and Kaufman Stadium are known to football and baseball fans worldwide.

The city also has a fascinating history which is displayed in areas such as their Jazz District. Another great example is KC’s city market which was first established in the mid-1800s.

New businesses are also ushering in modern architecture, services, and forward-thinking culinary offerings. The city is an excellent blend of rich history and brand-new opportunities and experiences.

Ready to Move to KC?

Now you know multiple reasons why the Kansas City housing market is so hot right now. It’s an affordable city with great job opportunities and rich culture. But remember, homes for sale don’t stay listed long in KC!

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