The Brief Guide That Makes Staging a Home for a Photoshoot Simple


Around 82% of agents say home staging makes it easier for buyers to visualize the property.

Staging your home for a photoshoot is essential for increasing the number of offers and reducing the amount of time spent on the market. But knowing how to prepare every room can feel overwhelming if you’re new to this. Perhaps you’re currently struggling with this topic and you want to learn what to do.

Sounds like you? No worries; you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything to know about staging a home for a photo shoot.  

Clean Every Room

Regardless of the types of homes anyone has, deep-cleaning each room is crucial. If there are visible signs of dirt, prospective buyers are less likely to engage with the listing as it will ruin the photoshoot. If you’re struggling or have little time, hire a professional cleaning company and they’ll do the heavy lifting.  


Every smart homeowner knows the importance of decluttering their property. You should create a keep, donate, and throw away pile as it lets you evaluate each piece and determine whether it should be in the final shot.

If you don’t have anywhere to store the clutter, consider hiring a storage unit or ask a loved one whether you can keep your belongings in their garage for a short period.    

Embrace Natural Light 

Anyone after great photos must embrace natural light by opening the curtains. You should also arrange the photoshoot on a sunny day as it will make each room look bigger and set a great first impression. And make sure you change any burnt bulbs because you want them to look natural. 

Depersonalize Every Room 

The best real estate agent will recommend depersonalizing every room. This means removing your kid’s drawings, family photos, or any items that are related to you. The key is to have a blank canvas, so it’s easier for prospective buyers to imagine their lives unfolding in your property.  

Keep Everything Neutral 

An effective way of finding new homeownership is to keep everything neutral. Sure, you may love a mustard-colored kitchen, but that likely isn’t the same for everyone. Instead, play it safe by choosing a neutral color palette like cream or beige.

But don’t worry if your furniture has bold patterns; simply invest in a white slipover for the photos.    

Boost Curb Appeal 

Many homeowners often forget the power that curb appeal holds. All listings need a shot of the property’s exterior, so create a winning first impression by pressure washing the sidewalk and mowing the lawn. When selling your house, also add planters with vibrant flowers and give your exterior doors a fresh layer of paint.   

Staging a Home Photoshoot the Right Way

Hopefully, you’ll use these tips for staging a home for a photoshoot.

There are many ways to improve your photoshoot, such as cleaning and decluttering your home. Sellers should also boost curb appeal and keep the interior neutral for the best results. Happy staging! 

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