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4 Big Ways Scent Marketing Gives Branding a Boost

4 Big Ways Scent Marketing Gives Branding a Boost

Scents play a huge role in human psychology. From having an impact on our moods to relaxing us, to reminding us of some of our favorite memories, science tells us that our senses of smell are more powerful than we might believe. This is precisely why businesses have started to incorporate scent marketing into their models.

Scent marketing is when stores or other businesses use specific fragrances to influence the behavior or mood of the customer and to create a likable brand identity. It’s inexpensive, effective, and it almost always entices the customer to have a more positive experience while shopping.

If you’re curious to learn more about this scent marketing strategy, just keep on reading. Here are five big ways that scent marketing boosts your brand!

1. Increases Sales

Did you know the right fragrances can actually influence how much a shopper buys? It’s true! Some fragrances contain notes that are naturally motivating, and these fragrances are often used in stores to drive sales.

For example, lemon and other citrus scents are energizing which can lead us to purchase more while shopping. Sweet and homey scents have the ability to relax consumers and therefore make them feel at ease while shopping. Overall, this leads to sales increases and more revenue for businesses!

2. Improves Mood

The best way to get customers to spend more time within your store is to make them feel happy, calm, and relaxed. Shopping can be an anxiety-filled activity for some people, so making the experience as enjoyable as possible can drive sales and boost brand loyalty.

Vanilla scents are known to ease feelings of claustrophobia and tension. Also, lavender scents promote calmness and tranquility while reducing stress.

3. Promotes Brand Loyalty

A signature, pleasant scent in the air of a store promotes brand loyalty and improves brand identity. Shoppers will associate a positive feeling with browsing a store, and they’ll be more likely to shop there again in the future.

To learn more about scent branding, follow the link!

4. Creates Memories

If you’re a retail company, your goal is to keep your customers happy. You want them to associate positive experiences with your store, and scent marketing plays a huge role in this.

Some stores incorporate memory-jogging smells like a vanilla cookie, birthday cake, and even warm apple pie. These scents are successful in getting the shopper to purchase more and to become more loyal to the brand because it helps them relive memories in their past while creating new ones in the store.

Boost Your Brand’s Identity With Scent Marketing

The right fragrance can make shoppers feel more satisfied with their customer experience. It can also help create a more likable image for your company and will keep customers coming back for more. Now you’re aware of the ways scent marketing can benefit your business!

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